Tiger Woods’ Love Child

December 14, 2009

Sources say that one of the golfer’s infamous alleged mistresses, tried to have Tiger Woods’ love child without his knowledge or consent! Find out more revealing details and see pictures and a video here.

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The alleged mistress who tried to have Tiger Woods’ love child is unknown and we are all awaiting impatiently to find out which of the thirteen women would do such a thing?

Reportedly, the mystery woman who aspired to have a baby cub with Tiger, believed to have a suspected ample-year affair with the golf great has now apparently hired an attorney.

According to sources, Tiger did not practice safe sex and did not use a condom. It is said that she sought “to arrange to see Tiger when she was ovulating” but obviously did not flourish.

Even though it is said that Woods’ wife, Elin, was aware of his habitual sexcapades prior to their marriage, she trusted and believed that she was the woman who could “reform” him. It appears that Tiger and Elin have reportedly been having troubles for the past two years, involving various disputes publicly in Stockholm where they have an apartment.

I cannot comprehend that his wife could possibly want to stay with the golfer after all these revelations, but it has been said that since “she is a child of divorce and that’s not something she’s likely to want to do to Sam and Charlie,” says a source close to the family.

To the contrary, rumors of an alleged sex tape and love child? “That would be the final straw for his wife – AND Tiger knows it.”

I would have to agree! Tell us your thoughts about a questionable Tiger Woods’ love child in the comment box and see photos and a film here of some of his best shots.

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Photos: Judy Eddy/www.wenn.com, PNP/www.wenn.com, Carrie Devorah/www.wenn.com, Daniel Deme/www.wenn.com, www.wenn.com

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