Benji Madden is Holly Madison’s Boyfriend?

December 13, 2009

Since his famous breakup with Paris Hilton, Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden has been linked to a couple of foxy women. But most recently, the latest is that the musician has been hanging out with Hugh Hefner’s ex number one girlfriend gold digger Holly Madison. Read what we found out regarding a Benji Madden and Holly Madison possible relationship here.

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When you are a celebrity seen out with the opposite sex, you can pretty much guarantee a dating rumor. When Benji Madden and Holly Madison were recently seen out and about frolicking together, immediately lovey dovey rumors started. But could it be that they are really dating? I always thought she went for the Depends-wearing geriatric type, but I know, I know, that’s being pretty damn stereotypical. Moving on…

There are reports out there that are calling Benji Madden Holly Madison’s “boyfriend”, but instead of that label, Holly is referring to Benji as her “adventure buddy.” Is that what they are calling them these days?
Madison did talk to People magazine saying, “I don’t want to talk about him, except that I like him.” Translation: See, I really do like men that don’t have old balls!

So how in the heck did this big rumor come about? Well, after a series of flirtatious tweets over Twitter and an eventual sighting at a Los Angeles coffee shop, and then again at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on Sunday in Las Vegas, things just may seem to be heating up between the duo.

A witness spoke with Life & Style magazine about seeing the possible couple at a Starbucks together on Sunday. “It was obvious something was going on between them. Benji stood next to Holly with his arm around her. He was rubbing her lower back and the top of her butt, and she was hanging on his shoulder. They were laughing and flirting the entire time. They couldn’t take their hands off each other!” Oooo, saucy!

So what does Holly say about her relationship with the rocker? Holly took to her Twitter account dish, “You can say I’m hanging out with someone I have a crush on. [Benji] is just someone I have a crush on… for now!”

Mmmhmm. Holly’s loving being back in the spotlight once again. She’ll dish and dish all day about this romance I am certain. What do you think of the possibility of Benji Madden being Holly Madison’s boyfriend?

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2 Responses to “Benji Madden is Holly Madison’s Boyfriend?”

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    Carol Says:


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    Sandra Says:

    We are all so glad that Holly Ho doesn’t want to talk about her relationship with Benji becase we all don’t want to hear about it either.

    Poor Poor Benji.