Carey Hart’s Tattoo of Pink

December 13, 2009

Carey Hart and Pink (aka Alecia Moore) may have had a rocky relationship over the past couple of years, but after a reconciliation, things seem to be going fabulously for the once-separated duo. Read more about Cary Hart’s tattoo of Pink.

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It’s been a rocky road for motocross superstar Carey Hart and his wife Pink, but it’s time to forget about the past. Moving on to the present and the big fat future, y’all! Carey and Pink are doing fabulous. In fact, to show just how true he is to his pop star wife, he has added another tattoo to his body collection…one of his wife. Carey Hart’s tattoo of Pink is visible on his leg.

Pink is currently on tour in Germany and with this brand spankin’ new tattoo, Hart will be able to keep Pink close as she is inked up on his leg. Awww. C’mon peeps, you KNOW that is some true love right there.

On his Twitter page, Hart talked a little bit about his new ink that was completed by tattoo artist Franco Vescovi. The art was performed at his Hart and Huntington Tattoo shop inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The tattoo is done in a “day of the dead style.”

When looking at the tattoo, it is pretty damn eclectic, as it features a skeletal-like Pink donning a black eye and a floral fedora.

So happy these two are back together and rockin’ their relationship once again. Last year rumors of a reconciliation were swirling as the couple rang in the new year together at Hart’s Wasted Space bar in Vegas. It was announced in May that Hart and Pink were in fact back together.

You can check out Carey Hart’s tattoo of Pink above.

Would you tattoo your love for someone by inking your body with a portrait of your lover?

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