Michael Jordan’s Look-Alike, Allen Heckard, Sues Him!

December 12, 2009

Allen Heckard, Michael Jordan’s look-alike, is trying to sue him for a ridiculous amount of money. Is it just me, or should she he be thanking him? Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Michael Jordan

Cases like this are what make the United States is ground zero for silly, frivolous lawsuits. I mean really, can someone help the fact that you may look slightly similar to them? Before I get to fired up, let’s at least lay out the details of the suit.

Heckard claims that people actually harass him, and that he has been mistaken for Jordan every single day of his life for close to 15 years. The suit is premised upon a claim of defamation, permanent injury and emotional pain and suffering.

So let me get this straight. It is a burden to be mistaken for one of the most beloved athletes in the world? The man who actually helped make basketball mainstream? The man who could do a turn around jump shot from well behind the three point line and sink ‘em like the titanic?

Oh, and get this, he’s also suing Phil Knight, who founded Nike. Why, you may ask? Because he was responsible for helping to make Michael one of the world’s most easily recognizable men.

So how much does Allen Heckard, the so called Michael Jordan look-alike want for such unbearable pain and suffering? $832 million!

What’s more—he doesn’t even look that much like him. Okay, he has a similar skin-tone, and he is bald, but I’m fairly certain there are thousands of men that meet that criteria. I’m shocked that any law firm would even consider taking a case like this.

What about you, do you think he has a shot? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Check a video of Allen Heckard, Michael Jordan’s look-alike below. Click here to see his photo.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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