Jens Lehmann is Stuttgart Goalkeeper

December 12, 2009

Give a man a break! Jens Lehmann is a Stuttgart goalkeeper and apparently the latest talk of the sports world because he clearly could not wait to use the restroom facilities. Find out more details and see photos and actual footage here.

Jens Lehmann 1

As a biography, Jens Lehmann was born in Essen, Germany on November 10, 1969 so his age is 40. He is currently a goalkeeper for Stuttgart and has retired from the German national team. He has a older brother. In 1988 he graduated from high school and from 1992-1998 he attended the University of Munster studying Economics. In 1999, he married an elementary school teacher, Conny. The goalkeeper adopted Conny’s son from a previous relationship. Together, they have two children. Mats was born in 2000 and Lieselotta was born in 2006. He is involved in various charities including: Stiftung JugendfuBball, Power-Child Campus South Africa, Bert Trautmann, Christoph Metzelder and Bob Wilson affiliated charities. In June of 2008, he signed a one-year contract for VfB Stuttgart. He also joined the pre-season training on July 24, 2008 and made his debut for the club on July 30, 2008. On April 3, 2009 he extended his contract with Stuttgart until the summer of 2010. He made the announcement on August 18, 2009 that he would be retiring on June 30, 2010. He has achieved being voted as UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year for the 1996-97 and 2005-06 seasons and has also been selected for three World Cup squads.

The German goalie reportedly jumped a fence and it appears that he had to relieve himself. And a good player always keeps an eye on the prize! Ha, that a boy!

However, the goalkeeper had and obligation to fulfill and was quickly summoned back to his post as the Romanians acted on their defense.

When the call of nature calls, you must answer! That is exactly what Mr. Peebody did. Before any goals were scored, he did what a man had to do! And we are glad he did, for him, for us, for nature itself.

Leave us your thoughts of Jens Lehmann, the Stuttgart goalkeeper, here. See the actual film and photos here.

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Photos: Stefan Krempl/,

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