Diane Sawyer Leaves “Good Morning America”

December 11, 2009

Newswoman, Diane Sawyer, leaves “Good Morning America” today after a 10-year run with ABC. Find out more revealing details and see pictures and a video here.

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ABC’s “Good Morning America” said farewell to one of their most famous co-anchors this morning.

It is reported that the “queen of morning television” has taken over for Charlie Gibson, who is retiring on December 21st on ABC’s evening program for “World News”.

Within her ten years of reporting, she has covered everything from Hurricane Katrina, Mideast turmoil, and famous political leaders, including first lady Nancy Reagan and President George H.W. Bush.

Sawyer expressed in her opening commentary, “And this morning I am beaming at all of you. My heart is smiling and the privilege of sharing my mornings with all of you has been more than I can say.”

It is said that ABC News’ president, David Westin, announced Sawyer’s successor on Thursday, appointing George Stephanopoulos to take her spot. It appears that it took about three months in search of a new co-anchor for GMA. Westin shared that the news show would advance “in a new direction” including more nominal information. Apparently, there were several candidates who were being considered for the job. So Kudos to you, Stephanopoulos!

Good Morning America’s replacement and news anchor Juju Chang will start on Monday. Stephanopoulos said, “I am scared to death,” adding, “I’m excited. I love GMA. I love the GMA audience.”

Today, they took a look at Sawyer’s most momentous experiences in time.

You will be missed Diane Sawyer! It just won’t be the same without you on “Good Morning America”! But at least we can see you in the evening. Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see photos and a film of her greatest work, here!

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One Response to “Diane Sawyer Leaves “Good Morning America””

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    SoCalGal Says:

    In the grand scheme of things, journalism is a decaying profession. Heck, it’s not even a profession, which is half of what’s wrong with it. All the real journalists have died or are aging. Journalism is just a shell of its former heyday. Sawyer whored herself out long ago. She has no integrity at all so I won’t be watching her deliver the “news.” The problem is medialoid (defined as the infiltration of tabloid journalism into traditional media sources, including the proliferation of sensationalism, triviality and disregard for privacy, with particular emphasis on news coverage of the sports and entertainment industries. Medialoid thinks they make the rules by which society must live. They think they define what is and is not free speech. They have no morals, no decency and no shame. What we have is not qualified reporters reporting on newsworthy topics but packs of bloodthirsty jackals always on the prowl for their next victim. They hide behind the First Amendment while they tear down society by pandering to humankind’s basest instincts. From their presumed position as the final arbiters of what people should think and what they should be thinking about, they smell blood in the water and circle the victim like a bunch of braying hyenas. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves. Michael Jackson…now Tiger Woods. Tiger isn’t the one who should be ashamed—except before his wife. Medialoid should be ashamed for the disreputable way they behave when a high profile personality stumbles. Ugh. I hate the media. You all make me sick.