Steffanie Sampson is Gary Busey’s Girlfriend

December 10, 2009

The day I thought Gary Busey would impregnate a female was the day that I presumed pigs would grow wings and start to fly. Well, my friends, it happened. Somebody had sex with Busey and became implanted with a little baby Busey. Steffanie Sampson is that woman. Ok, ok, I know that is a tad harsh as Busey has fathered two other children. All kidding aside, read more about Gary Busey’s girlfriend and their upcoming baby news here.

steffanie sampson

As a biography, Steffanie Sampson was born on August 19th, 1974, which makes her to be about 35 years of age. Sampson is a native of the Hollywood Hills and is an actress turned manager. Not much is known about Sampson other than a very random piece of information that she is a Certified Master Hypnotist. Interesting, right?

Sampson can now add Gary Busey’s baby mama to her little biography. Busey’s rep confirmed that his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson is seven months pregnant with a little baby boy whom they plan on naming Luke.

Vicki Roberts, Busey’s agent and attorney, told a source, “He feels awesome about it, he’s excited and thrilled and can’t wait.”

For those of you who remember, 65-year-old Busey was on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” last year and was quite the character! Hopefully this means that he is and and will able to handle another addition to his family.

So while Busey is set to become a father for the third time, we must extend a congratulations to the actor and his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson. I am sure once that little baby arrives, they will be “over the moon”. Good luck on the rest of the pregnancy, Steffanie!

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