Monica Danger is “For the Love of Ray J” Star

December 10, 2009

Monica Danger is “For the Love of Ray J” star and was taken to a psychiatric hospital in California for a reported one week stay. Find out more revealing details and see pictures and a film here.

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Reportedly, Monica “Danger” Leon was taken in on a 5150 psychiatric hold following an alleged incident including her newborn daughter.

As a biography, Monica Laura Leon, otherwise known as “Danger” was born on November 27, 1986 so her age is 23. She is from San Francisco and is Mexican and African American. She is most-known for being a contestant on Season 1 “For the Love of Ray J”. After the show’s completion, she was allegedly pregnant with the singer’s child. She has modeled and acted in various magazine editorials, runways, television and movie screens. At the age of ten, she started to model and could be seen in campaigns for: Neutrogena, Disney, Mattel, Visa, Seventeen Magazine, YM Magazine, Macy’s Mervyns, Levi Strauss, and more, including commercials. On her own time, she studied ballet. She enrolled in San Jose State University for Biology and Child Development student and taught pre-school. While in school, she founded an online campus newspaper called “OurVoice: Making a Stand to Survive”. After receiving a nomination for a Stella Award for offering a hand in Women’s Issues at the University, she had a new found love for painting murals so she quit college and wanted to pursue a career in art. Unfortunately, she was unable to receive financial aid, she decided to continue in her career with modeling and founded Femme Fatale Entertainment, LLC in Oakland, California. This association specialized in concerts for new artists, theater productions, talent shows, street dances, and poetry open mic nights. Danger studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater of San Francisco, the Black Repertory Theater of Berkley, and Brava Theater of San Francisco. She decided to pursue acting and so she moved to Los Angeles. In February of 2009, she appeared in the reality tv show series, “For the Love of Ray J” opposite R&B singer Ray J Norwood on VH1. Following the production, she gave birth to a new baby girl.

TMZ reports that after speaking with a representative for Danger, it is said that the “For the Love of Ray J” star was experiencing some personal matters stemming from postpartum depression and resulted in a one week stay in a psychiatric hospital in California.

It has been reported that Danger clearly pulled a “Britney” and shaved her head following an argument with her boyfriend. Sound familiar? On top of that, it is said that she is preggers, yet again. If this news isn’t enough, I don’t know what is.

Well, after all is said and done, it appears that she is out of the hospital and doing “fine”. The spokesperson for Danger said, “At this time we ask all of Danger’s fans for support and prayer.”

We will pray for Monica Danger the “For the Love of Ray J” star and we wish you the best in the future, as well! Leave us your thoughts and well-wishes in the comment box and see photos and a video here.

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