Julie Newmar is Former Catwoman Actress

December 10, 2009

Julie Newmar is former Catwoman actress and prima donna when it comes to her own personal possessions. Find out more on-the-prowl details and see pictures and a video here.

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The Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged a man accused of stealing more than $25,000 of jewelry from the former catwoman actress.

As a biography, Julie Newmar was born in Los Angeles, California named Julia Chalene Newmeyer on August 16, 1933 so her age is 76. She is an actress, dancer, and singer. She is most-known for her role of Catwoman in the Batman television series. Her parents are Don Newmayer and Helen Jesmer. She has two siblings. In 1953, she performed in the “Slaves of Babylon” and “The Serpent of the Nile”. She has also danced in other movies like: The Band Wagon, Demetriue and the Gladiators, and featured in the Los Angeles Opera as a ballerina. She worked as a dancer and choreographer for Universal Studios. In 1954, she was cast as one of the brides in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. On Broadway, she made her debut in 1955 in the play “Silk Stockings”. Following, in 1956, she appeared in the “Li’l Abner” musical. She could be seen with a lead role in the comedy, “The Rookie”, as well as “Mackenna’s Gold”. She could be seen in 1961, starring in “The Marriage-Go-Round. She made an appearance in the national tour called “Stop the World – I Want to Get Off”, “Damn Yankees”, and “La Douce”. In television, in 1964-65 she starred in “My Living Doll” and in 1966-67 she is most-knonw for her role in “Batman”. She has made numerous guest appearances on the following: Route 66, How Much a Pound is Albatross, Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse, Twilight Zone, F Troop, The Beverly Hillbillies, Get Smart, The Monkees, Startrek, Columbo, and The Bionic Woman. In the 1950’s, the actress was engaged to Louis L’Amour, a novelist. However, on August 5, 1977 she married a lawyer, J. Holt Smith but later divorced in 1984. She has one child who is deaf and has Downs Syndrome. In 2008, the actress was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. She currently is working on becoming a writer and is now writing three books.

According to TMZ, it reports that Julie Newmar was surfing the internet and found that some of her items were up for auction on the popular Ebay store’s website.

She contacted the authorities and the items were traced back to an acquaintance whom the former catwoman actress used to know, a man named Robert Ouriel.

It is said that Ouriel, 48, had allegedly stolen jewelry from Newmar’s residence between late October or early November. Reportedly, he apparently sold the jewelry to a pawnshop in Illinois, who then tried to sell it on Ebay.

Last month, Ouriel was released on bail.

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One Response to “Julie Newmar is Former Catwoman Actress”

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    Karen Rison Says:

    Ms. Newmar was my favorite Cat Woman of all time! She was so exotic and tall…she played the part purrfectly! :) I wish her all the best and I hope that they bring this man to justice. It is sad to see how she was taken advantage of!