Janine Lindemulder is Jesse James’ Ex-Wife

December 9, 2009

Janine Lindemulder is Jesse James’ ex-wife and has apparently lost her ongoing custody battle against Sandra Bullock’s husband. Find out more interesting details and see pictures and a video here.

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It’s only fair that 5 year-old Sunny remain in the custody of her father Jesse James and his wife, Sandra Bullock. The celebrity power couple were already in possession of their daughter because porn star Janine Lindemulder was in the clank serving time for tax evasion.

As a biography, Janine Marie Lindemulder, was born in La Mirada, California on November 14, 1968 so her age is 41. She is an exotic dancer and adult film actress, going by the name Janine. She started performing in pornographic movies during the 1990’s and made her comeback in 2004. She has modeled for Penthouse magazine debuting as Pet of the Month in the 1987 issue for December. She can be seen in mainstream movies like: Bersaglio sull’autostrada, The Exorcist, Spring Break USA, and Caged Fury. She broke into the adult film industry in 1992 appearing in “Hidden Obsessions”. She later became on of the contract girls for Vivid Video. Her first performance was featured in her first adult movie called “Parlor Games”. She has appeared in over fifty titles. She was a part of the exotic dancing duo called “Blondage”. She could be seen in Howard Stern’s “Private Parts” and guest-appeared on his tv and radio shows. In 1999, she made the announcement to leave her adult film career to focus more on parenthood. In April of 2004, she declared she would make a comeback working with men and women. At this time, she resigned with Vidid Video and appeared in eight movies. After her contract ended, the porn star signed on with Digital Playground and can be seen in many movies with that company. In August of 2008, she plead guilty to charges including failure to pay her federal income taxes which amounted to more than $200,000 in backpay. Instead, she chose to make a down payment on a house and buy two new vehicles. After pleading guilty, she was sentenced in December of 2008, receiving six months in federal prison that which the judge ordered that she live in a residential community corrections center for up to six months after her release from prison and one year of supervised release following. Janine was also ordered to pay approximately $294,000 that she owed to the U.S. government. The porn star was released from the Federal Correctional Institution at Victorville, California on July 13, 2009. Following her incarceration, her ex-husband was awarded full custody of their daughter. James made claims that her current convicted felon husband and Lindemulder are unfit parents.

It is said that court documents prove that the Jesse James’ ex-wife is now limited on her weekly visitation to only daytime hours. The porn star requested that the judge grant her overnight stays but the request was denied. In addition, she will not be able to consume any alcohol or drugs nor see her convicted felon husband, Jeremy Aikman.

Reportedly, Lindemulder will have their daughter for Christmas Eve until Christmas Day. How merry, right?

Jesse James’ ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder has said that the only reason actress Sandra Bullock wants custody of their child stems from the alleged reason that she and James are unable to have children of their own.

My opinion? All I know is that she has been in over one hundred pornos and it’s sickening to even think of a mother having full custody of their child. Sick! I congratulate Sandra and Jesse on their success! Every child deserves a chance. Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see photos and a film here.

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One Response to “Janine Lindemulder is Jesse James’ Ex-Wife”

  1. 1
    Randy Says:

    Hold on there. Jesse knew that she was an
    Adult film star when he met her. He had
    a kid with her and then decided that her film
    background was wrong? What a hypocrite!
    She is an idiot for marrying an excon. I suspect
    that is the reason she lost custody. Janine is
    A person that has a hard time moving from
    her porn career. Yes she is not a great role
    model but Jesse also had a pretty checkered
    past too. He was dumb for marrying a porn star