Danny Cahill is Biggest Loser Winner!

December 9, 2009

Danny Cahill is the “Biggest Loser” winner on last night’s finale. He also set a record for the most pounds shed on the show and won a cash prize of $250,000! Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video here.

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Danny Cahill is the “Biggest Loser” winner and has lost the most weight, yet, on the popular reality tv show series!

As a biography, Danny Cahill was born on August 13, 1969 so his age is 40. He is from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and currently works as a land surveyor and musician. He is 5’11”. He was 430 pounds prior to the show, resulting in 239 pounds lost and he weighs 141 pounds now. From the age of seven to age fifteen, he was humiliated in high school so he responded to the criticism and lost seventy-five pounds. Following high school, his weight continued to increase. He is a talented musician who has played in various genres of music and bands. He also enjoys coaching for his son’s football team. He admits that his family also struggles with their weight. His wife Darci, 39, and his son David, 10, and daughter Mary Claire, 8, were all involved in his journey to lose weight and be his unconditional support throughout the show.

Cahill shared with the audience, “My family means the world to me and they are the reason I started this journey. They’re the reason I filled out the application for season 6 and 7 and 8.” In front of the show’s audience and its viewers, he stepped on the scale for the last time, in front of his wife and children and for all to see. The Biggest Loser’s wife, Darci, also lost a reported sixty pounds in support of her husband’s accomplishments while she was at home.

He credits his wife, adding that his wife works out with him and if it wasn’t for her support and devotion, he would not have won the competition.

Cahill also acknowledges his grandmother who died ten years ago, sharing that she is his inspiration and before each run he exclaims, “‘This is for you, Ada,” knowing that she is above cheering him on.

There is always the emotional prize to be won, getting back your self-esteem. A sensitive Antoine proposed to his girlfriend on national television last night and said, “I love you with all of my heart. I’ve accomplished the impossible because you were by my side and I want us to live our lives together.” Tissue anyone? She happily accepted.

We congratulate you, Danny Cahill, on your success of becoming Season 8’s Biggest Loser winner! Best of luck to you and your family. Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and film here.

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