Christina Fulton Sues Nicolas Cage

December 8, 2009

Christina Fulton sues Nicolas Cage! Well, the actor’s ex apparently filed a lawsuit today. Find out more interesting details and see photos and a video here.

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Christina Fulton is suing her baby’s daddy for allegedly inflicting “mental, physical and emotional abuse”.

As a biography, Christina Fulton was born in Boise, Idaho on June 26, 1967 so her age is 42. She is an actress. Not much is known about her, however, in 1988 she began dating actor Nicolas Cage. Together, they had a son on December 26, 1990 who they named Weston Coppola Cage. She currently is engaged to singer Stian Thoresen (Shagrath) of the Norwegian black metal band “Dimmu Borgir”.

The lawsuit was filed today in the Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that back in 2001, she alleges that Cage bought a Los Angeles home for her and pledged that he would sign over the title for the house. Fulton said that she became aware of the kept title after she planned to sell her home. She also notes that in September, the actor gave her a 60-day notice to vacate the premises. It is also said that she is suing Sam Levin, Cage’s business manager, for damages relating to her surrendering her acting career to fulfill the responsibilities of single parenthood.

Regarding the accusations, it is said that Cage’s lawyer, Martin Singer, calls the lawsuit, “Absurd.” Sharing that, “The lawsuit is an absurd claim” and that “all of these claims are longtime barred by the statute of limitations and are baseless.”

The former actress maintains that because of the negligence created by Nicolas and his attorney, she apparently is in debt of more than $1 million to the IRS as well as $250,000 in credit card debt. Fulton says that because of Cage and Levin’s negligence, she now owes the IRS more than $1 million, let alone the extra $250,000 in unpaid credit card debt that she says was supposed to be paid off by the actor. These damages are said to surpass over $13 million.

Leave us your thoughts about Christina Fulton and the case which stands against the famous Nicolas Cage in a lawsuit that is bound to be declined just like her credit card in the comment box.

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4 Responses to “Christina Fulton Sues Nicolas Cage”

  1. 1
    Carrie Says:

    She is suing the business manager because she surrendered her acting career to fulfill the responsibilities of single parenthood? Huh? Is he the one who knocked her up?

  2. 2
    bella Says:

    Good for her. Finally, we can put this stupid idiot who thinks money can control everything and who can take away her child, in court. Miss Carrie, shutup, you dont even know her.

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