Tiger Woods OD: Suicide Attempt?

December 8, 2009

More information regarding the Tiger Woods soap opera continues. Today we are hearing that what actually could have happened during the evening after Thanksgiving was a possible suicide attempt by the golf great. A Tigers Woods OD? So they are saying. Read more here.

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A Tiger Woods OD? As in overdose? Yep, that is what some sources are saying in regards to the day after Thanksgiving. TMZ is reporting that sources attached to Health Central Hospital are saying that Tiger was admitted because of an apparent overdose. Was this a suicide attempt?

Apparently the entire fifth floor of Health Central Hospital was shut down when Woods arrived. An alias was also assigned to Tiger upon registration. When he was admitted to the intensive care unit, Elin was by his side.

Drugs were suspected, including Ambien and Vicodin. Elin is said to have given the paramedics two bottles of pills from their home.

Wow, it has been a wild week for Tiger. I can’t imagine what he must be feeling like, besides the biggest douche bag in the world. As far as treatment of the golf star, Tiger was reportedly put on a breathing tube to support his depressed breathing. How freakin’ sad!

But not only was Woods hospitalized, apparently another family member of Woods’ was taken into Health Central Hospital with complaints of stomach pangs. A 911 call that came into Orange County paramedics overnight, reported that a middle-aged woman at the home of Tiger Woods was in distress. The woman is believed to be Elin Nordegren’s mother Barbro Holmberg.

Well shoot, hopefully everyone has taken their chill pills and chilled the heck out. C’mon now let’s just hope this wasn’t a suicide attempt and that this rumor of a Tiger Woods OD is false.

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5 Responses to “Tiger Woods OD: Suicide Attempt?”

  1. 1
    shel Says:

    Tiger is still human, making mistakes. And a man as far as temptation. He’s done some things he is not so proud of but who hasn’t. So let’s move on. It’s up to his wife as to what happens now.

  2. 2
    Tin Man Says:

    The man has already committed suicide! By choosing between career and wife, he has killed his career!


  3. 3
    scudd Says:

    come on guys we all know tiger to be one of the best men out there one mistake and its over you guys are treating him like someone who doesnt deserve anything!! wtf? jus cause hes got money shouldnt maje him a guy who cant do normal stuff, and those fags that ratted him out wtf is wrong with u people

  4. 4
    stop pickingonthedepressed Says:

    U guys are scumbags for printing this.

  5. 5
    Mike Says:

    What I don’t understand is why Tiger’s madame wasn’t “suicided.” If I was a horny, billionaire egomaniac like Tiger, I would hire a hitman to suicide any woman that opened her piehole, but especially that skank madame.