“18 Kids and Counting” Mother Hospitalized

December 8, 2009

The mother and star of TLC’s reality tv show “18 Kids and Counting” has been hospitalized, and no, it’s not baby time! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

18 Kids and Counting 1

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with baby number nineteen! However, she was airlifted to an Arkansas hospital over the weekend due to galbladder issues.

TMZ reports that the “18 Kids and Counting” mother was experiencing contractions, but actually the pain she was enduring was tied to gallstones which generated contractions. A TLC spokesperson issued a statement saying, “At this time, Michelle and her unborn baby are both stable and resting. Mrs. Duggar is in good spirits and feeling much better”.

It is said that doctors are going to be keeping Michelle in the hospital for observation for the next couple of days. It appears that the medication given to the mother of 18 has worked so she did not have to go through surgery as of yet. Let’s hope that she doesn’t need to go under the knife, at least not until she is ready to deliver her nineteenth baby.

It has been reported that the mother of eighteen is not due until the spring. There has been concern that she may possibly deliver sooner than expected and would need to be in close proximity to a neo-natal intensive care unit. Let’s hope you can make it through the hectic holiday season, first!

On TLC, “18 Kids and Counting” can be seen on Tuesday nights at 9c as well as repeat episodes. The family is currently asking for baby name suggestions. You may visit TLC’s website at tlc.com and find out more about the growing, beloved family.

We wish you well, Michelle, and a fast recovery! Happy Holidays to you and your family as we await the arrival of your newest addition! Leave your thoughts about “18 Kids and Counting” mother and see pictures and a film here.

18 Kids and Counting 1 1
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3 Responses to ““18 Kids and Counting” Mother Hospitalized”

  1. 1
    koosaj Says:

    omg… i love her so much…
    hope everything is ok with her :(

  2. 2
    Shauna Marie Says:

    I love their family. i hate all this hate towards them.what they are doing is fine.
    their following Gods plan.Im praying for their family.I love themmm with alll my heart. me and my friends are obbssessed with their show.and cant wait to see what the babby looks like and see what happpens.instead of being jerks and saying i hope the baby dies. thats just rude. you should be praying.

  3. 3
    cindy lou Says:

    Bob and Michelle Duggar appear to be better parents to their nineteen children than some parents are to one child. They are attentative, loving, and great providers for the children. They are teaching them to be respectful, helpful and not one of them appears to be bratty or spoiled. They are awesome parents. Cindy