Heidi Androl is Former Apprentice Contestant

December 7, 2009

Heidi Androl’s DUI arrest has catapulted her back into the headlines this week. The former Apprentice contestant was taken in Sunday night in LA. Get the story here, along with photos and video.

Heidi Androl

It’s been a while since Heidi Androl’s name has come up on a national level. Her stint on Trump’s reality show took place back in 2007 where she actually did pretty well. Heidi made it through a good chunk of the season before having to face the Donald and the rare lemur that inhabits his head in the boardroom. I wonder which statement was harder for her to hear ‘you’re fired,’ or ‘you’re under arrest’?

It’s anybody’s guess. Get some more details here – TMZ

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…now back to the story. It turns out that Heidi was at an event held at Club Nokia on Sunday night in LA. She was apparently there as part of a get together for the LA Kings. It sounds like she had one too many and ended up creeping along the freeway WAY too slowly. This reportedly caught the attention of law enforcement, who pulled her over, ran a few tests, then took her in.

It’s a good thing no one was hurt! Check out some photos and video of Heidi Androl below.

Heidi AndrolHeidi AndrolHeidi Androl

Photos: www.wenn.com/Rachel Worth

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