Rosemarie Dewitt is Ron Livingston’s Wife

December 7, 2009

Ron Livingston has a wife, people, and her name is Rosemarie Dewitt! Apparently, there is said to be some hackers out in this world who are trying to make the public believe that the Office Space actor is a homo! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video here.

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Rumor has it, or at least wants people to believe that Ron Livingston, 42, is gay. These alleged hackers have hacked his Wikipedia page changing his relationship status. So the actor has filed a lawsuit suing for libel, invasion of privacy, and for using his name and likeness without the actor’s permission.

As a biography, Rosemarie Dewitt was born in Flushing, Queens, New York on October 26, 1974 so her age is 35. She is an actress. Her parents are Kenny Dewitt and Rosemarie Braddock. Her grandfather is James J. Braddock. The actress played a leading role in the movie “Cinderella Man” as Sara Wilson, which portrayed the life of her James Braddock. Her family lived in Hanover Township, New Jersey and graduated in 1989 from Whippany Park High School. Following, she attended college at New College of Hofstra University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Studies. She was a member of Alpha Phi sorority. She also trained at The Actors Center in New York. The actress has been in a number of Broadway plays. She appeared in “John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea”, “The Butter and Egg Man”, and “Small Tragedy”. She could be seen in the AMC series in 2007 called “Mad Men” and she co-starred in Fox’s series called “Standoff” from 2006 to 2007. She had small roles in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sex and the City, Rescue Me, and Love Monkey. The actress has been in the following movies: Purple Violets, Off the Black, Shut Up and Sing, The Great New Wonderful, Blackbird, and How I Got Lost. The actress currently plays the character of “Charmaine” on Showtime’s new series, “United States of Tara”. In 2008, Dewitt has won various critics’ awards and a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie called “Rachel Getting Married”. In the Spring of 2010, the actress can be seen performing in MCC Theater’s Family Week. The actress and Ron Livingston, her co-star in “Standoff” were married on November 2, 2009 and they reside in Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, it reports that even though the actor married his wife, Rosemarie Dewitt earlier this year, some hacker continuously hacks into the actor’s Wikipedia page to report that he is in a homosexual relationship with a man named Lee Dennison. Livingston claims that these accusations are “completely false and malicious”.

Reports say that Livingston filed a lawsuit on Friday in a Los Angeles County Superior Court stating that the Wiki-hacking started back in May. It is said that when the actor’s representatives remove the false information from the page, the hackers go in almost immediately and make the changes back to ruthless relationship adjustments.

It is assumed that the same hacker has also generated a fictitious Facebook page, too, listing that Livingston and Dennison are “in a relationship” with each other.

Ron Livingston’s Wife, Rosemarie Dewitt and the actor married last month after three years of dating.

Leave your thoughts about this issue in the comment box and see pictures and a film here. For anyone out there who has enough time to go out of your way to defame someone else, has obviously got issues. Try and find a happy place, will you?

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2 Responses to “Rosemarie Dewitt is Ron Livingston’s Wife”

  1. 1
    Chris Iliffe Says:

    There are two common meanings to the word “gay” – “homosexual” or “queer” (reclaimed, positive word, preferred by many gays) – and “uncool”, “lame”, “rubbish” (e.g. this cellphone is gay!) – or just a plain “dickwad”.

    Ronnie may not be gay-in-the-queer-sense. (Who cares anyway?) But his idea that being called queer is a slight, and his litigation that could destroy a great resource like Wikipedia, prove one thing indubitably – he *is* gay-in-the-total-dickwad-sense.

    He should learn from the experience of fellow artist Jason Donovan. He sued & almost destroyed cult magazine The Face back in 1992, for insinuating that he was gay. His career never recovered.

    Btw, Sandy, calling us “homos” is not polite. Learn some queer-respect, please.

  2. 2
    Amy J. Says:

    You Chris, need to learn some basic respect. I don’t have to classify it as straight or queer respect, just plain respect. His name is Ron Livingston and since you don’t know him, it would be Mr. Livingston to you.

    You really give his law suit much more credit than it needs, “destroy a great resource like Wikipedia” ?????? Cripes, if you live by Wiki info you are a sad, sad, sad individual.

    It’s a personal thing to him, and one that means enough for him handle it in a legal manner. Geeez…………there is an adult thought isn’t it? He isn’t name calling, he want’s it stopped and he wants to know who hides behind a keyboard. Celebrities have many reasons to want to find out who goes to the lengths that this internet idiot has gone to to create a false perception of him. It is not borderline creepy, it is beyond stalker-ish, it is out right malicious character assination. He needs to do this and the individual needs to be in treatment or jail. Period.
    Stop taking everyone else’s battles as a personal slight to your life style. Live your own life.