Britney Spears’ Elle Magazine Cover

December 4, 2009

Britney Spears’ Elle magazine cover and photo spread is beautiful and elegant. A far cry from the last one, which was referred to as a disaster. This time the pop princess brings elegance and glamour to mommy hood, and it is clear she is back on top. Read more and check out pictures and video here.

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Britney is back on top ya’ll and it is so refreshing to see. The pop star appears on the January issue of Elle magazine with he two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James. She has two covers out and a gorgeous photo spread.

You can check out a gallery here, I am sure the full spread will be up soon, but this is a sneak peek. Britney looks like a young mother enjoying time with her sons, and it is clear things are getting back to normal for the once troubled star. It is so nice to see her like this, we were all rooting for her.

Britney has just finished an elaborate $50 million world tour, for her last album Circus. The album was her fifth to debut at number one on the Billboard 200, setting a record as the youngest woman to accomplish that feat.

Lady Gaga also graces the January cover of Elle, but the ladies are not together! So the pop stars duel it out to see who sells the most copies. Lady gaga left her weirdo gear at home, and appears seemingly normal. Britney doesn’t give an interview, but Lady Gaga talks about dying on stage, so that should be interesting.

Britney’s high fashion look was styled by “The City” star and Elle magazine Creative Director, Joe Zee.

So whose cover would you buy? I think that it is a bit silly to do this, I would like to see both ladies features, but I won’t buy two of the same magazine just for the pics.

Check out more pictures and video below and tell me your thoughts about Britney Spears’ Elle magazine cover in the comment section!

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One Response to “Britney Spears’ Elle Magazine Cover”

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    Tyd Says:

    Britney looks so chic, so pretty. Her boys are so cute.