Jaimee Grubbs Sex Tape?

December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods second alleged mistress is loving the attention she is receiving from the press due to her alleged affair with the golf superstar. In fact already we are hearing rumors of a Jaimee Grubbs sex tape. Read more about the tape below.

jaimee grubbs

Well, Jamiee Grubbs may have not gotten any attention a couple years back, but she sure is getting some now as the rumored affair with Tiger Woods has become the center of the media’s attention. So now there is a Jamiee Grubbs sex tape that is said to exist, but with Tiger Woods it is not.

RadarOnline.com has spoken to an ex-boyfriend of Jaimee Grubbs who is claiming to know a lot about this affair and Grubbs’ motives.

So what we do know is that Grubbs is alleged to have had a 31-month affair with Tiger Woods. There has been a series of racy text messages and a voicemail to Grubbs that were already released this week. And today we got the lovely apology from Woods issued regarding his “transgressions.”

Jaimee Grubbs’ ex Aaron Kinnard is now flapping his trap. Surprise, surprise! Well basically what he is telling people is that the pair made a sex tape and took numerous naked pictures. Scandalous! But not so fast. Before you start looking for a Jaimee Grubbs sex tape with her ex, you won’t find one because Kinnard is saying that the tape and nude photos have been destroyed.

Apparently Jaimee is notorious for seeking out a famous sport professional fling. Kinnard says, “As soon as Jaimee found out I was a race car driver, she followed me to my car and then came home with me and we had sex.” Classy.

Kinnard also adds that Jaimee “tried to get into Playboy but they told her that her breasts were too small, so she got implants but never got in the magazine.”

Perhaps now that Tiger Woods has seen the goods, perhaps Hef will change his mind about having Jaimee in the magazine now?

jaimee grubbs

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