Tiger Woods Car Crash Photos Online

December 3, 2009

While your head is probably about spinning off your shoulders about now with all this Tiger Woods news, we continue to add the fuel to the fire. As many had been wondering about the damages to the golf superstar’s vehicle, quite frankly, I am concerned about that tree and the fire hydrant also involved in the crash. Let us tree huggers have our moment here. Read more here and see the Tiger Woods car crash photos online.

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Well today photos of the Tiger Woods car crash have been released by the police and let’s just say his vehicle looks a bit smashed. But I’m more concerned for that tree and fire hydrant he ran into! The AP were kind enough to let us all know that the crash inflicted $3,200 worth of damage on the fire hydrant and the tree that Woods struck. I mean, seriously!

Sure Tiger may be off the hook as far as the law goes. His accident investigation is said to have ended with a $164.00 citation and four points on his driving record. Talk about a big fat slap on the wrist. Not so bad, right? In addition to the damage of the fire hydrant and the tree, Tiger’s SUV is said to have suffered $8,000.00 in damages. Ouch! But to Woods that is pocket change.

Unfortunately, Woods did not apologize for his traffic violation. However, what transpired after the accident had us all wondering what did cause the accident. Nasty allegations of cheating allegedly with three different women! What we don’t know for sure from the horse’s mouth is whether he did or didn’t in fact cheat on his wife. It’s obvious the way the media is gathering their information, Woods is a cheat. As I always say, the truth always comes out one way or another and for Tiger things aren’t looking pretty.

Off the hook with the traffic cops, in deep doo doo with his wife Elin Nordegren.

Click here to see Tiger Woods car crash photos.

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Photos: www.wenn.com

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One Response to “Tiger Woods Car Crash Photos Online”

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    fatimah jones Says:

    he is just a mess like r.kelly i believe the man in the video is his brother. why blame the black masn. give tiger a break who doesnt cheat.