Nancy Locke is Meredith Baxter’s Girlfriend

December 2, 2009

Now that she has officially come out, we know that Nancy Locke is Meredith Baxter’s girlfriend. Get the story, along with photos and video here.

Meredith Baxter

Sadly, Baxter felt the need to keep her sexual orientation a secret for quite some time. The actress, who is best known for her role as Elyse Keaton on Family Ties, went public with it and sat down for an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show.

Here is part of what she revealed on the air:

“I am a lesbian, and it was a later-in-life recognition. Some people would say, well, you’re living a lie and, you know, the truth is – not at all. This has only been for the past seven years.”

So I guess it wasn’t like she was a lesbian all along and had been in the closet. It turns out that she only got in touch with her true self less than a decade ago.

But this new piece of information begs the question: is she currently in a relationship? Well, yes, in fact she is. The woman she is involved with is named Nancy Locke.

About falling for Locke, here is what Meredith had to say:

“I got involved with someone I never expected to get involved with, and it was that kind of awakening… I never fought it because it was like, oh, I understand why I had the issues I had early in life. I had a great deal of difficulty connecting with men in relationships.”

So who is she? Well, there isn’t much information available in terms of a biography, but here’s what we know: She is an openly gay building contractor who hooked up with Baxter through a mutual acquaintance. According to the actress, meeting Locke helped her to become more open about her sexuality.

So why now? Why not go on living privately? Because you know who, Mr. P Nasty himself started posting about the two looking awfully comfortable with each other in public. Instead of cowering and withdrawing, Baxter has now officially come out. It turns out good ‘ole Perez actually did her a favor.

Check out some photos and video about Nancy Locke, Meredith Baxter’s girlfriend below.

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