Will Smith’s Son Jaden is the new Karate Kid

December 1, 2009

One of the best movies (in my opinion) of all time is being remade. Do you all remember that hot 80’s flick called The Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off. Talk about a freakin’ classic. Read more about Will Smith’s son Jaden taking over as the new Karate Kid.

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Will Smith’s son, Jaden, may finally be able to safely step out of his father’s acting shadow. He had his real acting debut in the hit The Pursuit of Happyness, alongside his papa and he did a fabulous job. But, now in a role all his own, Jaden may earn his own acting wings. The Karate Kid was a hit flick back in the 1980’s that is now being remade and for such a classic, the actor to take over Ralph Macchio’s role has to be semi-decent. Now 11-year-old Jaden is the new Karate Kid.

It has been a busy few months for Jaden Smith as he has had to endure some intense training, including learning those high-kicking karate skills featured in the Karate Kid flick.

Papa Will even said that Jaden has been a good help in developing him as an actor saying, “I started watching him. If he decides he wants to get up and walk, he’ll get up and walk. The cameraman will just follow him. But I had my blocking; I knew my left leg was forward. I knew that I was saying it with my left hand every time so in order for them to make the edit, I would do it with my left hand every time. He broke me out of a mechanical space.”

So just who will play Mr. Myagi, previously played by Pat Morita? Well, Jackie Chan, of course!

The Karate Kid should be ready for theater release in June of 2010! A summer hit, possibly for Will Smith’s son Jaden?

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Photos: PNP/www.wenn.com

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