Casey Johnson Arrested for Grand Theft

December 1, 2009

Why was Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson arrested Monday? Because authorities believe she may have committed grand theft! Get the details here, along with photos and video.

Casey Johnson

This is a strange one folks. The heiress to a ridiculous fortune has been arrested and taken in after a long time friend of hers named Jasmine Lennard came back from vacation to find her place completely ransacked.

Most of the items taken are fairly typical in a theft situation; jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc…but get this, whomever is responsible stole some undies! That’s the only thing that leads me to believe that it wasn’t simply done by someone looking to cash in…undies! Also taken was a legal document that was over 500 pages in length, the contents of which have yet to be revealed.

So what evidence ended up getting Casey Johnson arrested?

This is where it gets even more bizarre. The victim is apparently long time friends with the heiress, whom she describes as being ‘like a sister’ to her. A mutual acquaintance and on and off girlfriend of Johnson’s named Courtenay Semel sent a text to Lennard that led her to call the cops.

Here’s part of that message:

“There’s a problem, Jaz, Casey Johnson just got into bed with me and she is wearing your underwear…You need to call police. There are documents here, your shoes and your clothing — you need to call the police.”

The police then went to Johnson’s home where all of the items were recovered. At press time she was being held in jail at Van Nuys on $20,000 bail.

Haven’t had enough yet? Well, this isn’t the first time Casey has been involved in some major drama. The same chick that she allegedly climbed into bed with wearing stolen undies had a pretty nasty spat with her a while back. Reports state that back then Courtenay Semel allegedly beat the crap out of Johnson and even lit her hair on fire during a dispute.

I’d say it sounds like they’ve moved on and are back to being ‘buddy buddy,’ wouldn’t you?

You can’t make this stuff up folks—no one is that creative.

Check out some photos and video of Casey Johnson, arrested for grand theft below.

Casey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey JohnsonCasey Johnson

Photos: Cortes/Dimitri Halkidis/PNP

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