Lucas Cruikshank is Fred Figglehorn: Interview

December 31, 2009

He has the second most highest subscribed YouTube show ever. And he is only six years of age. Fred Figglehorn is a fictional character played by sixteen year old Lucas Cruikshank. Danity Donnaly recently had the opportunity to speak with Cruikshank about his new found celebrity and what his plans are for the future. Check out the interview here.

lucas cruikshank

You’ve probably seen the shirts and if you are a tween, you have heard of Fred Figglehorn. Who is Fred Figglehorn for those of you who don’t know? Well Fred is a fictional character that was created by Lucas Cruikshank. Let me explain. Lucas is a teenager from Columbus, Nebraska who was born on August 29th on 1993, making him to be 16 years of age. Little did he know that a video camera and a bit of creativity would make him a YouTube sensation with the creation of his 6-year-old fictional Fred.

Cruikshank created fictional character, Fred Figglehorn, as the primary subject of a channel on YouTube. Fred is a fictional 6-year-old, who has a dysfunctional home life and “anger management issues”. Cruikshank, on the other hand, is a stable teenager with a passion for creativity and entertaining.

So how did all of this begin for Lucas Cruikshank? According to the young YouTube star, he introduced the Fred Figglehorn character in videos on the JKL Productions channel when he started on YouTube with his cousins, Jon and Katie back in October of 2005. By April 2009, the channel had over 1,000,000 subscribers, making it the first YouTube channel to hit one million subscribers and the most subscribed channel at the time. Talk about a pretty fantastic feat!

Other fun facts include:

*The Fred channel has received over 72 million channel views and over 415 million video views since its launch.
*Cruikshank has made numerous television appearances as both himself and Fred.
*Although Cruikshank voices Fred, the audio is digitally edited to sound higher pitched than Cruikshank’s true voice.

Check out the Lucas Cruikshank interview below and listen to him chit chat to us about how Fred Figglehorn came to be.

lucas cruikshank

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