Alessandra Mussolini: Italian Sex Video Scandal

November 29, 2009

Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of dictator Benito Mussolini, is in a bit of a controversy. As if being related to Benito wasn’t punishment enough. Hey, I’m just sayin’. Mussolini has found herself right in the smack dab middle of an Italian sex video scandal. Eek! Read more here.

alessandra mussolini

As a biography, Alessandra Mussolini was born in Rome, Italy on December 30th, 1962, which makes her to be forty-six years of age. Mussolini went to college for film management back in 1986. Lucky for Alessandra, she has one relative that is a famous actress to help her live her dream of acting. So just who is this famous relative? Well, Alessandra’s aunt is the beautiful and wonderfully talented Sophia Loren.

Luckily for Mussolini, having Loren take her under her wing had been extremely beneficial. Alessandra began her acting career back in the 1970’s. After a few starring roles and a couple awards nominations, Mussolini finished up her final film in 1990 and then left in order to continue studying after a producer asked her to change her name.

In addition to acting, Mussolini dabbled with a music career and some modeling and was somewhat successful at both. However, a political career was inevitable for Alessandra.

Alessandra is the leader and founder of the national conservative political party Social Action. Not only has she served as a member of the European Parliament, but she has also been a member of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Italian Parliament. Women’s and children’s rights have been stances that Mussolini has been proud to represent.

Mussolini is married to customs police officer Mauro Floriani. The couple has been married since October 28th, 1989. Mauro and Alessandra have three children, Caterina, Clarissa, and Romano Floriani.

So what is up with those Italian sex video rumors? Well apparently there are reports swirling that a newspaper claims to have been offered a video that shows her having sexy time with some leader of a tiny extreme right wing party.

However, Mussolini isn’t quite sure how to respond to the rumors as she wasn’t sure as to whether be “angry or to laugh” at reports.

An article published in Milan-daily Il Giornale, a newspaper owned by the premier’s brother, says about the tape, “The Even we at Il Giornale were offered the video in a telephone call. We replied: no. We are not even interested in seeing it.”

Allegedly, Il Giornale added, citing a website called Indymedia, says that the video shows “explicit sex” between Mussolini and Forza Nuova leader Roberto Fiore.

This is particularly scandalous because the two are former political allies! Fiore responded to the Italian sex video rumors calling this whole scandal a “ridiculous hoax” spread by a “completely unreliable source.”

Alessandra’s reasoning for her being the target of such scandalous reports? Apparently Mussolini thinks that due to the reports last week that someone had attempted to sell part of her grandfather’s brain on Ebay, she was the next target. That is surely some interesting rationale.

Whether there is a tape out there of Alessandra Mussolini is questionable. At any rate, she is at the center of an Italian sex video scandal. What do you think? Is there a tape out there?

alessandra mussolini

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