Tiger Woods Face Cuts, Scratches, Bruises: Argument with Wife, Beat Him in Fight?

November 28, 2009

We are still looking for pictures of Tiger Woods face showing the cuts and scratches that have been widely reported in the media. The car crash photos are below. Now word is coming from a top celebrity site that Tiger Wood was beaten by his wife before the accident.

Tiger Woods
(Enlarge Photo)

The report is that Tiger Woods face scratches, bruises and lacerations were not caused by the car crash at all, but instead where inflicted by his beautiful wife, Elin Nordegren. They had a heated argument which was the reason that Tiger Wood left home in his SUV at 2.30am Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

Supposedly an argument occurred over reports that there is a Tiger Woods girlfriend who has been widely reported in the National Enquirer and on this website and others. We do not know what was said during the argument with his wife, but it was enough for him to leave in a hurry. She reportedly chased him down the driveway with a golf club.

Early reports that she used the golf club to smash Tiger Woods’ windows may be false. Sources say that she thumped the car several times with the golf club while it was speeding out of the driveway. Read the latest breaking news here on the TMZ website.

The rest is well known by now. Tiger Woods crashed his car into a fire hydrant and tree which left him in a daze in the driveway. Those pictures have been found. You can see them here. An ambulance took him to the hospital after which he was released. We are expecting a tape of the 911 call will be released.

Photos of Tiger Woods’ face after the accident are in high demand. These things always seem to make their way online to the internet, so we will have them here for you as available publicly.

He is reportedly back at home with his wife nursing the wounds to his face and pride. In high profile cases of potential spousal abuse, this will not be the end of it from law enforcement’s perspective. They will undoubtedly be interviewing him and his wife over the incident, and they say that charges will be files against either or both of them.

We cannot imagine a Tiger Woods mugshot, not can we imagine an Elin Nordegren mugshot photo. They are two of the most beautiful people on earth who seemed so kind in heart to deserve each other.

Check back later for any photos of Tiger Woods’ car crash, facial lacerations, cuts and bruises. We are hoping that a tape of the 911 call will also be released. We will try to post them as available.

Tiger Woods Car Crash (Video Report)

Photos: PNP/WENN, www.wenn.com

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5 Responses to “Tiger Woods Face Cuts, Scratches, Bruises: Argument with Wife, Beat Him in Fight?”

  1. 1
    Tom Says:

    Where did the golf club come from, Why did she have a golf club in her hand at 2:30. She didnt get it out of the car (she was trying to break into the car) the house? Was she taking golf lessons at 2:30. I think she was beating him with it

  2. 2
    Janis Says:

    Tiger Woods lost his chance of being a role model.There are no kids that will look up to him with respect now.He has deceived his wife and his kids.These are supposed to be the most important people in his life.He also was deceiving his fans that thought he was a good husband and father.There is not a woman that could ever trust him now.He is so discusting having sex with all these people,who knows what std he might have given to his wife and possibly kids.He absolutly does not care about his family.I also think that Rachael girl has an ugly face.

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