Rafael Cebrian: Emma Watson’s Boyfriend

November 27, 2009

Rafael Cebrian could be Emma Watson’s boyfriend. It is being reported that Jay Barrymore has allegedly been replaced by a spanish drummer, known as Rafael Cebrian. Find out more revealing details here.

Rafael Cebrian 1

Out with the old and in with the new? Supposedly, Emma Watson’s boyfriend, Jay Barrymore, has been replaced by a new spanish flame, drummer Rafael Cebrian.

As a biography, not much is known about rocker Rafael Cebrian. He is a drummer for the Spanish rock band called The Monomes. The band consists of Edward Frank, David Hachuel, Eddi Morrow and Rafael Cebrian. The band produced their first album called “Give it an M” and has topped the charts in the Spanish music industry. Their songs “Diary of a Smoker” and Your Mind Is On The Run” have made the Spanish Top 40 Chart. In 2008, The Spanish Music Academy awarded The Monomes with “Best Spanish Band of The Year” and “Best New Artist”. The Monomes are considered rising stars and the best rock band that Spain has seen in five years. They tend to open for various national and international bands. The drummer also has acted in a few independent films guest-starred on television shows. Star magazine named Cebrian as one of the top five hottest men of the year in April of 2009. Cebrian is currently attending Brown Univeristy and is pursuing a career in acting and music. He lives in an apartment in Providence, Rhode Island. He has been romantically linked with Mercedes Sanchez and it is rumored that the drummer is dating actress Emma Watson.

The stars could was seen last Saturday at Madison Square Garden and appeared quite cozy at a hockey game for New York Rangers and the Florida Panthers.

A source says about the couple, “Emma and Rafael looked like they were on a date. They were sitting very close.”

A spokesperson for the Harry Potter star was not available for comment on her relations with Rafael. The Harry Potter star and The Monomes rocker both study at Ivy League Brown University in Rhode Island.

Well I’m sorry to say it Jay, but this just may be everything that you did not want to happen. Only in America! It is said that the distance between the couple could allow something so heartbreaking like that of another man and because of the worry, Barrymore was planning to make a move to the United States. All the while, he apparently was not able to woo his woman, so coincidentally Rafael Cebrian, was able to take his place.

Perhaps Emma Watson’s boyfriend doesn’t mind his girlfriend’s new friendship with Rafael Cebrian? Well, I guess he does not have to make that big move to the states afterall. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and see a film and pictures here, as well!

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