Sable Lesnar is Brock Lesnar’s Wife

November 18, 2009

Not only is Sable Lesnar Brock Lesnar’s wife, but she appears to be his rock! Apparently, her husband has been dealing with some health issues that has affected his will to fight. Find out more details here.

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Brock Lesnar’s wife has been at her husband’s side while the UFC Heavyweight Champ and former WWE star have been dealing with his health problems as of lately. Reportedly the star is recovering from numerous health issues including mononucleosis and an intestinal disorder.

As a biography, Rena Mero Lesnar was born on August 8, 1967 in Jacksonville, Florida. Growing up she enjoyed gymnastics, horseback riding, and softball. At the age of twelve she won a beauty pageant which lead to her career that started in 1990. She worked for L’Oreal, Pepsi, and Guess. In 1986, Rena married Wayne Richardson. In 1988, together they had a baby girl whom they named Mariah. In 1991, sadly, her husband was killed in a drunk driving accident. In 1993, she met “Johnny B. Badd” (Marc Mero) who became her second husband where she met in the World Championship of Wrestling. In 1996 she entered the World Wrestling Entertainment profession named, “Sable”. Sable was considered one of the first WWE Divas and also became the second WWF Women’s Champion title. Upon feeling walked upon with the company, Sable filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions for damages up to $110 million. Sable returned back to the ring in 2003 being involved in an act involving Torrie Wilson and roled as Vince McMahon’s mistress. After a year, she left to spend more time with her family. Sable has been featured as a cover model for Playboy. She has acted on television series and also had a role in the movie “Corky Romano”. Sable and Mero got divorced in 2004 and she started dating Brock Lesnar after seeing him at a few New Japan Pro Wrestling shows after leaving the WWE. Sable and Lesnar were engaged but broke it off in 2005, however, in January of 2006 they reconciled and are now married. Together they had a son named Turk in June of 2009.

According to reports, UFC President Dana White released a statement in a video blog saying that, “Brock was released from the hospital (Tuesday), went home and (is) going to wait a couple of days to heal up and see how he feels adding, “Then we’re going to go get him checked up, get a full medical checkup and hopefully he’s OK and everything’s going to work out with him.”

It is said that the UFC fighter has undergone surgery, and reportedly stayed in a hospital up to eleven days in the Mayo Clinic. It is said that he possibly could have had three different surgeries including primary bowel obstruction, Bowel resection with colostomy, and abscess drainage.

Brock Lesnar’s wife and himself has indeed returned home to his native Minnesota homeland, declaring that his “major” surgery was updated to “minor”. The fighter was supposedly diagnosed with mononucleosis and obviously has other underlying health problems, like a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract, amongst other possible conditions that he would rather not discuss. We don’t blame him!

Way to be a fighter Brock Lesnar! Your wife Sable Lesnar is someone I would want on my side! We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him fighting soon! Leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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