Rande Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s Husband

November 13, 2009

Meet Rande Gerber. He is Cindy Crawford’s husband. This poor family has been struggling with the extortion of a former nanny who supposedly has a disturbing photo of their daughter. Find out more revealing details here.

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It is said that their former nanny from Germany, Edis Kayalar, 26, has tried to use an alleged photo of their eight year-old daughter being bound and gagged during a supposed game of cops and robbers. How much? A whopping $100,000 or else he claims to distribute the pic.

As a biography, Rande Gerber was born on April 27, 1962 so his age is 47. He used to model and currently is the owner of the Midnight Oil chain of bars. The three Gerber brothers (Rande, Scott, and Kenny) operate this franchise and the financial part of the company is called The Gerber Group. Growing up in the Five Towns, Gerber attended Hewlett High School in Long Island and graduated in 1980. Afterwards, he attended the University of Arizona, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. On May 29th, 1998 Rande married model and wife Cindy Crawford. Together they had two children. Presley was born on July 2, 1999 and Kaia was born on September 3, 2001. The family currently resides in Los Angeles. For business, Gerber has a hand in designing cocktails for Delta Airlines which started in May of 2007. Also, his Midnight Bar Collection of drink mixes is now available.

According to reports, authorities are looking for Edis Kayalar in Germany who is seeking $100,000 in exchange for the alleged photo. It is said that Kaia is wearing a t-shirt and shorts and can be seen tied to a chair and gagged.

TMZ reports that on September 16, 2009, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department arrested the suspect and was taken into federal custody for an immigration violation by ICE agents. Kayalar was then deported back to his homeland in Germany.

Because of this, it is said that the former nanny threatend to use the photo to his benefit if he wasn’t paid his requested six figures. Moreover, Kayalar has been charged with one count of extortion and a manhunt is underway.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for the family stated, “Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford intend to pursue any and all available legal action against anyone who aids the perpetrator in the distribution or sale of the photograph of their daughter.”

How terrible! A person can’t trust anyone. Not only is Rande Gerber Cindy Crawford’s husband, but also the father of a very innocent girl! Leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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