Rachel Christie, Miss England, with Sara Beverly Jones (Photos)

November 6, 2009

Meet Miss England, Rachel Christie who resigned the crown after a reported bar brawl with another beauty queen, Miss Manchester Sara Beverly Jones whose pictures are also below. See photos, biography and video here along with a complete expose of her alleged behavior. She happens to be Gladiator star Tornado’s girlfriend who is played by studly David McIntosh.

Rachel Christie

The new Miss England is runner-up Katrina Hodge who will assume the crown immediately. She happens to be a soldier in Iraq who was decorated for bravery and is now the luckiest beauty queen in England. Go Girl!

Apparently old Miss England was shown some sexy text messages by Miss Manchester which set her off in a tizzy because they were from her boyfriend. Onlookers say that Rachel Christie decked her with a flurry of jabs and a brilliant left hook. She was arrested by police for the incident.

The incident occurred over Halloween weekend at the Mansion nightclub in Manchester England, which is of course the turf of Miss Manchester, Sara Beverly Jones. Rachel Christie was dressed appropriately as an angel while the local girl was masquerading as a naughty cavegirl at what has been described as a party.

According to her lawyer, Rachel Christie is claiming self-defense although how the text message assaulted her is unclear. We are certain that more details will emerge in court and give everyone the benefit of the doubt as we admire their hotness.

As a biography, Rachel Christie is 21 years old from London. She is totally hard bodied as a toned athlete. Rachel competes as a heptathlete and 400 meter runner. She hopes to compete in the 2012 London Olympics.

Miss England is David McIntosh’s girlfriend, otherwise known as “Tornado” in the Gladiator television series. Who would not want to be Tornado’s girlfriend? And why did she quit for a little bar brawl?

Rachel Christie was crowned the first black Miss England earlier this year at the age of 20 years old, breaking a color barrier that has spanned countless kings and queens over the centuries. She entered the contest as Miss London City and was expected to compete for the Miss World title in Johannesburg, South Africa which will be staged in December 2009.

As another biographical note she had a difficult childhood. Her father was killed during a drug-related gang fight when she was a little girl. About the incident she h as said “His death made my think about what’s important and what I want to achieve. It puts things in perspective. Sport is good for taking the anger away.”

She pulled herself up from those difficult circumstances only to have a bar room fight ruin things. Who knows what really happened? We wish Miss England the best outcome.

Her best body asset is her hot legs which are usually proudly displayed in pictures like the ones below. She might have used them to run away from the police but instead held a dignified pose, as required by the code of conduct for Miss England, while the local swat team closed in on her. It’s a really good thing that she did not kick poor Miss Manchester.

See more photos of Rachel Christie and a homemade modeling video. Poor Sara Beverly Jones, whose MySpace pictures are really hot, is not going to land a man with a black eye.

Miss EnglandRachel Christie PictureRachel ChristieRachel Christie
Enlarge Photos: Rachel Christie

Sara Beverly JonesSara Beverly Jones Picture
Enlarge Photos: Sara Beverly Jones

Video: Miss England

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10 Responses to “Rachel Christie, Miss England, with Sara Beverly Jones (Photos)”

  1. 1
    kevin Says:

    So rachel christie took away the other girls boyfriend? then lefthooked her?

  2. 2
    robert Says:

    The black girl can punch me anytime….she is HOT!

  3. 3
    BRAD Says:


  4. 4
    patrick Says:

    they were saying that rachel is ugly but, Ive actually met her in person and she is VERY VERY PRETTY! Her photos doesnt do her any justice.

  5. 5
    carol Says:

    taking another woman’s man away then battering her in the face is a no no miss christie

  6. 6
    pig Says:

    she is NAUGHTY INDEED!

  7. 7
    beggarsbelief Says:


    leona lewis got hit on the side of her face by a six foot BEAST!

    this blond haired girl got punched several times to the face., by marlon king which leave her with two black eyes!!

    then this gorgeous beauty RACHEL CHRISTIE took away the runner’s up boyfriend, went on to win miss england easily! then battered the runner up in her face which left her black eyed?

    This is really punching season.

  8. 8
    clinton Says:

    Blame it on Halloween, october was named one of the unluckiest month.

  9. 9
    david Says:

    I met rachel in person at a party the first poster is right rachel is prettier than her pictures.

  10. 10
    theresa Says:

    Miss manchester had been going out with tornado since february and he was still trying to be with her up till 3 days after this incident.