Tiffani Thiessen is “White Collar” Actress

October 24, 2009

Despite only a couple cast members from Saved By The Bell to really move on to solid employment, Tiffani Thiessen maybe can be added to the roster as well. Last night Thiessen’s television show “White Collar” debuted and has been receiving decent reviews from critics. Read more here.

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Tiffani Thiessen has come back to television in a big way. Last night was the premiere of her new television show called White Collar. For those of you who have been watching Psych, you may have noticed that last night White Collar took its time slot.

White Collar’s first episode premiered last night on the USA Network immediately after the highly popular Monk. About the premise behind the show, creator/executive producer Jeff Eastin is a fan of crime dramas saying, “The Shield is possibly my all-time favorite show, and they really did the dark, contemporary cop show to perfection. I don’t think you can beat that. So I kind of wanted to go the other way.”

So why the title he chose? Eastin explains “I picked white-collar crimes specifically because it’s the one place where the crime can be beautiful. Heroin smuggling, that’s not so beautiful; if you forge The Mona Lisa, that’s kind of spectacular. Our goal is to have something every week that’s suitable for framing on my wall. The humor plays better when we have a counterpoint of danger.”

So did you get a chance to check out Tiffani Thiessen on White Collar last night? If so, do you think the show will last?

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2 Responses to “Tiffani Thiessen is “White Collar” Actress”

  1. 1
    Bobby Gray Says:

    enjoy the show “White Collar” a lot…looking forward to next week/will watch it every
    Friday nite….

  2. 2
    Gayle Says:

    I am so glad you identified Tiffani in the first sentence as formally acting in Saved by the Bell. It was driving me CRAZY trying to place her. She seemed out of place as a wife of 10 years – but the show had some fun and some aha moments that might make it watchable.