Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza is Jermaine Jackson’s Wife

April 27, 2010

Yes Jermajesty. It’s Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza. She is Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife. The singer’s former spouse claims that Jackson has not been paying court-ordered child support reportedly totaling up to $35,550. Find out more details here.

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Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife Alejandra has evidently filed a lawsuit alleging the singer has not been contributing to the needs of their two boys named Jermajesty and Jaffar.

As a biography, Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza was originally involved in a relationship with Jermaine’s younger brother Randy and had daughter Genevieve, Randy Jr. and Donte. Randy and Alejandra’s relationship ended in 1994. The following year, Alejandra marries Jermaine and produced two more children. Jaffar Jackson was born on January 2, 1996 and Jermajesty Jackson was born on January 2, 2000. In November of 2004, Jermaine filed for divorce from his ex-wife and it was settled on May 19, 2008.

According to TMZ, Alejandra claims that the singer made just $35,000 in 2008. However, she also affirms that Jermaine may not be honest about his earning due to the lavish lifestyle the star is apparently living. The singer is said to be residing in the same fancy home in Calabasas and drives costly vehicles mimicking the life he had before their marriage.

In the documents, Dlisted notes that not only is Alejandra suffering the consequences with the lack thereof financial support, but sources say Grandma J has been assisting Jermaine’s ex-wife and her grandkids with groceries giving her gift cards to Ralph’s grocery store.

When the couple divorced it is documented that “Her income is listed at an average of $81 a month, with no overtime, commissions or bonuses, or investments to boost that figure in any way. Occasionally and not consistently Mrs. Jackson will give me a couple hundred dollars for food or other expenses I need.” It is stated that she does not receive child support from the singer and adds that he is responsible for at fault for approximately $22,741 worth of debt.

Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife, Alejandra, may just be getting the short end of the stick, however, she did share both Randy and Jermaine which could qualify for double the trouble. Give us your thoughts on this matter in the comment box.


Katherine Jackson has told Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza that she needs to leave the Encino compound, there are just too many kids to watch following the taser incident. She is not kicking them to the curb though, just moving them to another family home.

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7 Responses to “Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza is Jermaine Jackson’s Wife”

  1. 1
    snoopy Says:

    i understand that alejandra was already married when she tried to marry jermaine. it appears that she and jermaine settled with $50,000 lawyers fees paid and $50,000 settlement.

    she had an affair with randy while he was married and had two children with him; coupled of years ;ater she had two children with his brother, jermnine.

    come on now. what she after?
    I just read the above data from the internet

  2. 2
    Real Sistah Says:

    Alejanskank is ghettoing just what she deserves, how can you have affairs, lay with brothers and look their mother in the face…U are a nasty hoe, get over yourself and take care of YOUR kids; and stop asking a senior citizen for food…I guess with beauty comes stupidity….ya haven’t failed us yet!

  3. 3
    Michelle Says:

    This broad is not a sknak she is a mispelled version of the word lol skanany and th at is not a word but even saying it that way it is too good for her.

  4. 4
    dee Says:

    Too Bad…who wants babies by brothers. Y_U_C_K…

  5. 5
    Cathy S Says:

    She may be very guilty of poor judgement, but I believe it still takes two to make a baby! If they are “man” enough to make a baby, they should be “man” enough to support them. What baby name books did the Jackson’s read? JERMAJESTY and BLANKET!! That alone is cruelty to children. Jermaine seems to have many of his father’s traits. Word to Badd!! Quit trying to live off Michael’s fame.

  6. 6
    sk Says:

    …It’s true most MEN are dogs…However, knowing that she actually laid down with TWO BROTHERS? Is she a porn star? Whoever made the comment about the children’s names…well, that seems rather small and even trivial compared to the psychological damage the children must be suffering when they have to explain that they are “cousins & half brothers” Is that incest?

    Like I’ve always said. It’s women like Alejandra who make it so difficult for those women who have SELF-RESPECT – they will have a very difficult time finding a “good” man because a whore is so cheap…

    Also, I must agree that besides this woman spreading her legs, I wonder if she ever considered going off on her own, getting a job and showing her kids what it takes to make a hard, honest living? After all her sons cannot chose the same path as mom (spreading their legs) to keep a roof over their heads…

  7. 7
    patricia Says:

    OK i agree dhe’s nothing but a tramp deserves everything she gets, but lets not dimiss Randy and Jermaines role in all of this two brothers well lets just say i would not be able to write what i really think