Daniela Cicarelli Sex on the Beach

December 1, 2006


This is a paparazzi video of Brazilian supermodel Daniela Cicarelli with her boyfriend doing you know what in the ocean. Daniela Cicarelli is one of the hottest women in the world, formerly married to soccer star Maradona. The boyfriend is Renato Malzoni Filho.

Interesting that this video is banned on YouTube, but not on Google, and Google owns YouTube now. Go figure.

Because the video isn’t on YouTube, we are using a new plugin that connects with Google Video. You have to click the big blue title underneath the video to play it. Kinda dumb, but that’s the way it is.

Update: We’ve disabled the new plugin so the video won’t work here anywhere. We are streaming it ourselves now so we’ve just moved it to a new post. Click the Daniela Cicarelli archive to find it.

More information about THE SEX VIDEO is HERE.

More photos of Daniela Cicarelli are here and here.

A brief biography of Daniela Cicarelli is here.

Born: 6 November 1978
Birthplace: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Best known as: Host of the Brazilian MTV show Dance o Clipe
A green-eyed brunette with a wide, cheery smile, Daniella Cicarelli was voted “The Muse of Summer 2001″ in a public vote in Brazil. Her success made her a big star in that country and led to a gig hosting the show Dance o Clipe on MTV Brazil. She also has starred in TV ads for Pepsi Cola, and has appeared in the teleplay Filhas da Mäe (The Children of the Mother). She was engaged to the Brazilian football (soccer) star Ronaldo in 2004, but the two parted ways without marrying in 2005.

Extra credit: A video of Cicarelli cavorting in the ocean with her boyfriend, investment banker Renato Malzoni Filho, was an internet sensation in Brazil in 2006… Cicarelli and Ronaldo held a lavish celebration of their engagement in France in 2005 which is often described as a wedding, but they were not in fact married; Spanish law prevented Ronaldo from marrying within a year of his previous divorce from model Milene Domingues. Cicarelli and Ronaldo broke up in May of that year, leading to persistent reports that they had an “86-day marriage.”

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