Kanye West: BET Hip Hop Awards No-Show

October 11, 2009

Kanye West was not in attendance at the BET Hip Hop Awards, which were filmed this weekend. Could this be another sign of the rapper’s struggles?

Kanye West

After he stage-bombed Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs, Kanye has sort of been laying low. He made a few appearances after the incident where he appeared humble and apologetic, most notably on the Jay Leno Show’s inaugural episode. During his appearance, he mentioned that he needed to “re-evaluate his career.”

Many took this as a sign that things may be spiraling out of control. Soon after, rumors began to fly that he was contemplating entering rehab for his alleged alcohol problems. Even worse, his tour with Lady GaGa was flat out canceled.

So could his absence at the taping of this awards show be a symptom of the current state of his career?

It’s unclear. But what is clear is that it could have been a wonderful opportunity for him to “act right,” being that he was nominated for 9 awards. So far there has been no word from Kanye or his reps about why he may have missed the show. As I mentioned before, the Fame Kills tour was canceled, so that couldn’t have been the reason.

My guess is that he was actually sincere about needing to rethink his career. Maybe he really feels that he needs to take some time out of the spotlight before things get too much worse.

You have to feel for him, after all he did just recently lose his mother. I was one of the few people who felt that people were WAY to hard on him for his actions at the VMAs. Yes it was wrong, but everything was blown way out of proportion. Let’s give the man some peace now, and hopefully he can return better than ever.

I’ve included some photos and video related to Kanye West’s BET Awards absence below.

Kanye WestKanye WestKanye WestKanye West

Photos: www.wenn.com/Andres Otero

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