Savannah Brinson: LeBron James’ Girlfriend

September 21, 2009

Meet Savannah Brinson, LeBron James’ girlfriend. She is NBA Cavalier’s star LeBron James’ high school sweetheart and mother of their two beautiful boys. Find out more about Miss Brinson here.

Savannah Brinson LeBron James 1

Miss Savannah Brinson is in the news because for the first time in her hometown of Akron, Ohio she conducted the Ninth Annual Sapphire Ball in Akron on September 11, 2009. This is a charity event that raises money for the Women’s Health Center at Summa Akron City Hospital in support of gynecological-related services for women of all ages in need, from services like prenatal care to delivery.

As a biography, not much is known about LeBron James’ girlfriend, however, Savannah Brinson is from Akron, Ohio and she is 23 years of age. The couple are high school sweethearts and have two beautiful boys. The firstborn, LeBron James Jr. was born on October 6, 2004 and the second, Bryce Maximus James born on June 14, 2007. Until recently, Brinson has devoted her time to the LeBron James Family Foundation whose mission is to empower children to be physically fit, academically focused and environmentally aware, and empowers single parent families to succeed. However, she is in hopes of taking on a more public role in helping women to live a healthier life.

For more information on the LeBron James Family Foundation, click here. Also, see what a difference the foundation makes in an article here.

On it is said that when Brinson learned that the Women’s Health Center at Summa Akron City Hospital provide services to those in need, despite their financial circumstances, she wanted to be a part of the organization. The earnings made from the event will go toward updates and restoration of the center.

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8 Responses to “Savannah Brinson: LeBron James’ Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    Denise Mitchell Says:

    She’s a wonderful woman – muy question is “when is that buffoon going to marry her?”

  2. 2
    Britt Says:

    At least she’s not a Becky…but that can change. Hmmm…Michael Jordan anyone?

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    Wow – she sure is homely looking WTH does he see in her? – but he is a fugly looking dude too so I guess there must be something between them….he’s a FOOL if he marry’s this gal! People with this much money should NEVER get married.

  4. 4
    Joy Says:

    She is gorgeous!!! :)

  5. 5
    contessa walls/joker Says:

    Alright i see whats going on here you people have opinions but guess what that all sucks so straighten ur attitudes oh and chris right now my opinion is you sound like a gold digger and arent girls usually gold diggers hummmmm something doesnt sound right and THAT SUCKs eat those fries!!!!!! loll xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. 6
    ann Says:

    Savannah is beautiful, they look soooooo good together. God bless them both

  7. 7
    lovin Says:

    shes a typcial dumb black girl who lays on her back and make babies with sorry black men, hell never marry her because shes a typical chickenhead…

  8. 8
    Erik bond Says:

    she hot and i want your new jersey