Amitabh Bachchan’s Voodoo Curse on Aishwarya Rai

March 29, 2007

Aishwarya Rai may not know what she is getting herself into. Her fiancee’s father, Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan reportedly performed Hindu voodoo ceremonies to rid the evil Aishwarya Rai of a curse.

Why she would marry this primitive idiot is beyond me, but nevertheless the marriage is expected on April 18th.

We all knew already that Aishwarya is cursed. She is cursed with great beauty, elegance, and sex appeal. It sounds to me like this dog of a man, Amitabh Bachchan, is a little jealous of her. Bollywood stars will do anything for attention, being from the mysterious Indian subcontinent and all.

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Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has denied reports that his family performed Hindu religious ceremonies to lift a curse from Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai who is engaged to marry his son.

“Nothing like this ever took place,” the actor told this week’s edition of the Indian magazine “The Week,” calling the widespread media accounts of the ceremonies “intrusive and insensitive.”

Sure we believe you. The man is just raving nuts.

Indians have a tradition of matching horoscopes to ensure marital compatibility.

Astrologers also said Rai might have to marry a tree before her actual wedding to rid herself of her supposedly unlucky status. This would mean any bad luck would befall the tree, not Abhishek, one of Bollywood’s leading men.

Maybe they are all nuts in India. Aishwarya Rai, why don’t you just move to America and get on with your life.

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12 Responses to “Amitabh Bachchan’s Voodoo Curse on Aishwarya Rai”

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  1. 1
    Indian Girl Says:

    Look, whatever your name is..i got your website when i googled Aishwarya and unfortunately I wasted my precious minutes reading the nonsense you wrote

    No we are not all fools and ‘nuts’ in India…Im surprised that you (of all the people in all the world’s countries) dared to say this…you, an American, who lives in a place governed by King ‘nuts’ himself…George W( for whacko i presume) Bush

    Anyway, do some research next time…or else you’ll just end up sounding ignorant and pathetic everytime you write something

    take care
    And as we in India say NAMASTE

  2. 2
    Susan Says:

    By the way, Aishwaryia Rai married ABHISHEK BACHAAN NOT AMITABH.
    AMITABH BACHAAN IS HER FATHER IN LAW. You really need to do a little more research because the info on your site is laughable at best.
    Hindu’s believe in certain curses that need to be “lifted”before a marriage. THEY ARE NOT PRACTICING VOODOO. People in INDIA have a variety of religious backgrounds. These 2 people are of the same background, financially, status wise, and most importantly to them- religion. She may be the prettier one but his family is considered Indian royalty because of the father’s status as a mega Indian star from his younger days- he was even a powerful politician before.
    Why don’t you “google” at least before you write this crap. You are embarrassing yourself.
    Susan in Canada

  3. 3
    MCCAIN Says:

    What’s really laughable is your obsession with an Indian actress you have never met and preposterous defense of the sexist customs of her unenlightened husband’s family which serve to define women as stone-age possessions.

  4. 4
    bebo Says:

    close your mouth!!!

  5. 5
    rohan Says:

    thanks what i can say iiiiiiiiiiiiiiits very nice

  6. 6
    Sonia in Canada Says:

    Its really sad that you are so involved in trying to assume what would have been best for Aishwarya without knowing her, her family or the functions/customs that took place prior to their marriage. As every other religion/culture in the world, Hindu’s have superstitions and theories which they believe will counteract that superstition. Astrological matching for marriage is huge in India, and it is their belief, which everyone should respect. Although the Bachchans state they did not do anything to remove the ‘manglik curse’ from Aish (and I believe they didnt), even if they did it doesnt matter. She is fine with it (since this is also a custom/superstition she has grown up believing in) and so is her husband and family. She is a very independent and self-made woman, she wouldnt allow herself to be ‘degraded’ or compromised. Nevertheless, what the Bachchans and Rai’s decide to do is no ones business and we should not be sitting her condemning it. I am happy with their alliance because they are happy (or so they state) and I think we should all be that way.

  7. 7
    charles Says:

    u really dunno anything abt India n u DOnt have any clue abt Rai or the Bachhans. I would say she was lucky to be a member of bachhan family now… really I mean it..

  8. 8
    Laxmi Says:

    Where in the world you hear all this rubbish. All four Bachchans are super stars and are very independant. Their support for each other and family values are mind blowing.

  9. 9
    Someone Sensible Says:

    @ Sonia in Canada…
    Please dont joke when you say “She is a very independent and self-made woman, she wouldnt allow herself to be ‘degraded’ or compromised.”
    Its funny how sometimes the women we perceive as being independent & strong are often just the opposite…Ash has herself admitted to being physically abused in a previous relationship, to which she in fact stuck on for quite sometime…

    Coming to the point of this article, I am an Indian myself & I believe the writer has certain valid points when he ridicules certain customs of ours…really the “manglik” thing is just sexist & degrading to a woman…Whats beyond me is how anyone can say its “OK” for them because they believe in it…Unfortunately in India Bollywood stars like these are almost worshiped & every step they take is followed…Can you even imagine how many girls would have had to face the whole manglik issue- more openly now…just because “if Amithabh Bachhan/Aishwarya Rai can do it why not us?”

    We Indians need to look into ourselves- at what our culture, traditions, beliefs really stand for- & most importantly not be afraid for a change for the better…I wish people would understand that humanity needs to be above all religions…
    Having said all that, the Bachchans did face a lot of flak for this…Which is why they denied all of it…but I do believe it did happen & they hid it knowing that they would be criticized for it…

    SO to the original writer of the article…No, we are all not ‘nuts’, …yes we do have certain backward sections, & it is a constant struggle between them & the more progressive thinking ones…but thats how a nation grows…

  10. 10
    thinktrue Says:

    its totally pathetic ……d way u think , being ignorant and commenting is twice d offence …. ppl r rite u shud google if u r so unaware, n abt the customs..its beliefs !!not all Indians belive o follow the at least hv a sense f respect for wt others think..being in america doesnt qualify you “as rite in all ye think n do”..thr r ppl all across d globe..most f thm know wt to write n hw to write n nt just vomit !!!!

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