Ronnie Ramsay: Gordon Ramsay’s Brother Is Homeless

September 7, 2009

Meet Ronnie Ramsay. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s younger brother. Find out more about the homeless man who has fallen from the likes of heroin and he who suffers the effects of being a drug addict.

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Ronnie Ramsay is in the news recently because he has apparently been seen on the streets of Plymouth, Devon with a sleeping bag, clothes on his back, and a respectable bike. It is said that he has been selling “The Big Issue” magazine that serves as a guide that allows the homeless to make their first step, earning money.

As a biography, Ronnie Ramsey, born Ronald Ramsay was raised in England. His age is 41. His father’s name is Gordon, mother’s name is Helen, and he has one older brother Gordon and two younger sisters Diane and Yvonne.

It has been reported that Ronnie started using heroine at the age of 24. Since then his fixation worsened as his father died in 1999. After being convicted and sentenced to 10 months in an Indonesian prison back in February of 2007 for a Class A drug, Ronnie has apparently returned to Britain and is currently living on the streets with no connection with his family…at all.

The Western Morning News has noted that Ronnie explains that his family has wiped their hands of him and that selling the magazine is all he can do now, to get by.

However, his famous chef brother Gordan Ramsay says in an autobiography called Humble Pie that he has tried to help his brother into treatment five times before cutting off contact completely. Chef Gordan also mentioned of his brother’s addiction the failure he feels in knowing that there is nothing more he can do to help. For more on the story, click here. So Gordon Ramsay’s brother is homeless, what do you think Ronnie Ramsay should do? Leave your thoughts in the comment box!

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One Response to “Ronnie Ramsay: Gordon Ramsay’s Brother Is Homeless”

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    Patricia Eastwood Says:

    Having some knowledge of working with addicted individuals, sadly, there is nothing anyone can do for the addict. They have to want rehabilitation and it has to be their choice. It’s not an easy decision when you are addicted. I just wish him well and hope, one day, they can all be united as a family. The whole family suffers in these cases. Prayer and more prayers for dear Ronnie Ramsay.