Macaulay Culkin: Father of Blanket Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Son?

August 31, 2009

The web is abuzz this week with rumors that long time friend Macaulay Culkin could be the father of Michael Jackson’s son Blanket. Curious? Read more, and see photos and video here.

Macaulay Culkin

Ever since his untimely death, the public has been somewhat obsessed with trying to figure out who the biological parents of Blanket, Paris, and Prince are (we’ll leave the alleged mystery sons out for now).

Charting the Jackson family tree is no easy task, especially considering a number of his male friends have admitted to making sperm donations–what better way to show you care?

The Sun reports today that Culkin did just that: donated, but this friendly gesture is rumored to have been for MJ’s youngest son, blanket. I wonder if we’d see some resemblance if blanket slapped both of his hands to his face and yelled “Ahhhhhhh!!”

The tab also reported that the identity of the surrogate mother of Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, is still a mystery, but at this point, nothing would surprise us. Jackson and Macaulay Culkin became friends following his meteoric rise as a child star. His 1990 movie, Home Alone, and the sequels that followed raked in some hefty dough.

Culkin then showed up as a backwards baseball cap wearing, lip-syncing rapper in MJ’s Black Or White music video. (FYI: that video also had Tyra Banks in it at the end). Biology or no, he IS the Godfather of both of MJ’s sons.

Alas, like all juicy Jackson rumors, the people involved are refuting it. Culkin’s publicist, Michelle Bega, responded acidly to the rumors, saying:

‘‘The inquiries are too preposterous for us to even acknowledge.’’

Can’t you just picture the look on her face as she said that?

Well, what do you think? Could Macaulat Culkin be the biological father of Blanket? Give us your take on it in the comments section below.

See more photos and video here.

Macaulay CulkinMacaulay CulkinMacaulay CulkinMacaulay Culkin


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7 Responses to “Macaulay Culkin: Father of Blanket Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Son?”

  1. 1
    blanket Says:

    horsesh*t..Blanket doesn’t even remotely white

  2. 2
    missy Says:

    There Just Making Up stuff. Blanket Dont look like him. And why would micahel ask him?. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 51ST MICAHEL JACKSON

  3. 3
    Elizabeth O Says:

    I seriously doubt it since this is one of the jerks that turned his back on Michael. I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT FOR BLANKETS SAKE.
    Michael’s children are Jackson children. Shut-up & leave this only out of respect to the children & Michael !!!

  4. 4
    Roseanna O Says:

    i dont think so michael was and is the father of those kids he loved them. He was the only father they knew of that is what counts. The press and haters need to leave michael and his family alone hes gone let him RIP we love u michael jackson!

  5. 5
    CB Says:

    Well, one thing is for sure…Michael is not the biological father of an of them. Blanket is the only one that look like he could have even a little bit of melanin….but that doesn’t mean it’s from Michael. Somehow, people are looking at Michael and comparing the kids to how he looks now. Does anyone remember how the real Michael looks and how his original skin tone is? Look at his family. There is no sense in comparing the kids to his looks now. Compare genes! His biological kids would be darker than that with more defined features. Come on, where are the people with common sense?!

  6. 6
    CB Says:

    Oh, and I highly doubt Macauley is the father of Blanket. He doesn’t look anything like any of them, really. Regardless, Michael was a good dad to them and that’s what matters the most. RIP, Michael! We love you!!

  7. 7
    atl50 Says:

    I am really offended that you will not let Michael rest in peace. With all of the three-somes you have been involved in, maybe you need to question the real father of your own children, than whether Michael is the father of his kids. He said it, I believe him, you have no proof to refute it, case closed.