Daryl Markham: X Factor Video Goes Viral

August 30, 2009

Meet Daryl Markham, X Factor contestant whose remarkable performance brought tears to judges and audience alike. See photos, Daryl Markham video and a biography here of the singer who triumphed in the face of tragedy in singing I Don’t Want to Talk About It.


The 40-year-old competitor is a carpenter (cabinet maker) from East Sussex. Prior to his performance he revealed that he had intended to audition last year however it coincided with his brother’s wedding at which he served as best man.

Shortly thereafter, the singer said his brother, Gary, was diagnosed with lung cancer and died at age 37 six weeks later. Now he was taking care of his brother’s nine-year-old son, Kian, and he said, in a backstage interview, he wanted to “be very strong for him” and “make him proud.”

After episode 1, breakout contestant Danyl Johnson was being called the Britain’s Got Talent Susan Boyle in the competition. But now with Jamie Archer (a.k.a. Jamie Afro) he has competition and, as the Daryl Markham video reveals, he will face two strong contenders.

Despite his tears while telling the story of his brother who was his best friend, the singer prevailed and delivered an emotionally powerful performance of I Don’t Want to Talk About It, a 1970s song first recorded by Crazy Horse and made famous by Rod Stewart.

Judge Dannii Minogue told the singer: “Daryl, there are some people that come on this stage and just totally make an impact and you certainly did.”

Of the Daryl Markham performance Judge Louis Walsh said he thought that because of his nervousness it was going to be a really, really bad audition. “And then you started to sing, you had the most amazing commercial voice. I loved it.”

Judge Cheryl Cole, herself tearful, noted that she didn’t know if he would be able to carry on the audition because he was so emotional, “but I believe you meant every word.”

In a moment especially poignant that left many, judges and audience in tears, Markham’s nephew joined him on stage Kian. “It’s been a rocky road, but we’re on the way up,” he told the child.

As a biography, Daryl Markham is 40 years old and is from East Suffox. He left school at age 16 and has been employed as a cabinet maker. As he revealed in his interview, he had been in business together with his brother until the latter’s death a year ago at age 37.

Along with Jamie Archer (Jamie Afro) and Danyl Johnson he ranks among the strongest contenders so far after episode 2 of the UK series 6 X-Factor competition in 2009.

Here are photos. Watch Daryl Markham video below.


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