Jamie Archer: X Factor Contestant Jamie Afro

August 30, 2009

Meet Jamie Archer, X Factor contestant also known as Jamie Afro. See photos, Jamie Archer video and a biography here of the rock singer who wowed audiences with his spirited performance of Kings of Leon Sex on Fire international hit.


A “spirited performance” of the Kings of Leon rock song is no exaggeration. The 33-year-old self-described pub singer from south London (whose name is variously reported as James Archer) had the entire audience singing along. Simon Cowell is even seen on camera singing along, as the presenters gleefully point out as they watch via TV monitors.

The hugely talented singer who said everyone calls him “Jamie Afro” (and not surprising due to his 1970s Afro hairstyle) revealed himself to be a remarkable entertainer, which more than enough charisma to reach to the upper rows of the cheering audience whom he got to sing along with him on the Kings of Leon classic. It may have been an audition, but his initial appearance episode 2 on the series 6 of the popular reality TV talent show in Great Britain was very much a performance.

With singer Danyl Johnson already being dubbed the Britain’s Got Talent Susan Boyle in the competition, he, as did the globally famous Scottish singer, now has some formidable competition as the Jamie Archer video reveals.

Judge Cheryl Cole said the to the singer known as Jamie Afro: “Wow, you had me singing and dancing along. Natural born entertainer.”

Of the Jamie Archer Sex on Fire performance, judge Dannii Minogue told him: Thank you for coming to the competition. To see someone who just loves performing so much…that was brilliant.

Judge Louis Walsh told the singer, “Jamie, you love performing, you love the stage, the audience loved you. We haven’t had many singer like you on X Factor before. I think you’re great.”

Simon Cowell said, “You know what I like about you, Jamie, is that you’re fearless. You know how to perform. You got the audience on your side within ten seconds.” Notably Cowell himself, who, as mentioned above was seen on camera singing along. He went on to give him “Two and a half thousand yeses. Well done”

As a biography, Jamie Archer is 33 years old and is from south London. He is also known by his nickname Jamie Afro and some media reports have listed his name as being James Arch. His ambition for a career in music goes back to age 10 and he has played in clubs and pubs over the years.

As he said during his audition, Jamie Archer pictures a career in music; but said he had not made it because he was a “musician not a businessman.” Additionally, backstage, as seen on the Jamie Afro video below, he is heard telling presenter, Dermot O’Leary: ” “Music means everything. I’ve played in all sorts of horrible places. Nobody seems to enjoy what I’m doing or appreciate it. Your confidence gets knocked and you think is it ever going to happen for me?

He has now become one of the strongest contenders, thus far, in the UK series 6 X-Factor competition in 2009.

Here are photos. Watch (Jamie Afro) Jamie Archer video below.


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3 Responses to “Jamie Archer: X Factor Contestant Jamie Afro”

  1. 1
    Heidi Says:

    Where is Jaimie Archer originally from?

  2. 2
    Jamie Fan Says:

    Top bloke is Jamie, decent singer too…

  3. 3
    Cecilia Says:

    I’m sure Jamie will steal the crown of the x-factor. There is something mysterious about him which will make people want to know more about his inner self. This guy will go a long way. He is a late bloomer but I’m pretty sure he will make it to the top. At his age, he should be given the chance to come out from his shell. He is extremely brilliant. I will surely vote for him although I’m a teacher like Danyl.