Joe Francis Brody Jenner Fight!

August 28, 2009

Joe Francis and Brody Jenner reportedly got into a bar fight! Find out what Brody and Joe were fighting over, and check out pictures of Jenner and his Playmate girlfriend here!

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Joe Francis and Brody Jenner reportedly got into a bar brawl on Thursday night, resulting in them both being thrown out of the club and Brody being tased.

Brody and his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole who was the 2008 Playmate of the year, were out celebrating his birthday at the West Hollywood club, Guys and Dolls, where Joe Francis was also partying. According to reports, Francis was being “unrelentingly” harassing towards an ex-girlfriend, which is also a friend of Jayde and Brody, so Jayde threw a drink on him.

Brody says that this led to Joe pulling Jayde’s hair and punching her in the face, before throwing her down and kicking her. Security broke up the fight and threw the guys out of the club. Security would not allow Brody back inside to check on his girlfriend, so Jenner found Francis and punched him. Jenner was tased by an unknown person and fell to the ground.

Francis, who was spotted without a shirt on, left the scene before police came. No arrests have been made yet.

Nicole was filmed by TMZ just after the incident. Visibly shaken she explains what happened before Brody comes over and asks them to turn off the cameras, as she is very traumatized. You can see that video here.

Brody tweeted this message early this morning,

“Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him. How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of sh*t. Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!”

We have yet to hear Francis’ side, but so far this is very disturbing – a girl should never be hit by a man!

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