Virginia Joan Bennett Kennedy Bio, Photos

August 26, 2009

Virginia Joan Bennett Kennedy was formerly the wife of the late Ted Kennedy. Read a Joan Bennett Kennedy biography and see photos and video here.

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Joan Kennedy married Ted Kennedy on November 29, 1958 in New York. She had three children with the late senator; Kara Kennedy Allen, Edward Moore Kennedy, Jr., and Patrick Joseph Kennedy.

Joan Bennet Kennedy Biography

She was born in New York in 1936. She attended Manhattanville College and Sacred Heart Academy.

Not long after marrying Ted Kennedy, Joan was widely reported to have struggled with a drinking problem. Most observers point to two traumatic life events that may have triggered her supposed habit. One occurred when Ted Kennedy sustained a serious back injury after a plane crash.

Then, in 1969, Ted Kennedy was driving on Chappaquiddick Island when he was involved in a car accident that left a woman dead. Many people feel the stress of the case may have led to her third miscarraige.

Her drinking began to have a major impact on her personal life, when in 1974 she was arrested and charged with DUI in Virginia. Four years later she and Senator Kennedy separated, but didn’t officially divorce until 1981. Joan Bennett Kennedy received a few other DUIs following their divorce, the most recent being in 2000. After which time she was ordered to attend a rehabilitation program.

Things began to get a little ugly a few years later, when her children began to feel she was incapable of taking care of herself. Not long after, her oldest son became her legal guardian. Then, a passerby in Boston found her lying on the sidewalk in the rain, bloodied from a rough fall. She suffered a concussion and broken collarbone.

The following year, her financial adviser began to bar her children from access and control over her $9 million estate. Her children took the matter to court, and were able to regain control of her estate. Still Joan managed to avoid being placed into the permanent custody of her children, and instead was appointed a separate guardian.

Her ex-husband Ted Kennedy passed away this week, after a lifetime of public service in the US Senate.

See photos and video below.

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    Judy Cunningham Says:

    It was wonderfurl to see all of the coverage on CNN. they did a superbed job. It has inspired my family to be more involved as a family. the Kennedys were a wonderful example of how we should to it.