Shwayze Interview, Duo Talks Let It Beat Album

August 26, 2009

The duo that now is Shwayze started out with just Aaron Smith, a young man living in a trailer park with a dream. After being discovered and admired by Cisco Adler, a musician in his own right, the two talents joined forces to complete the duo that is Shwayze. Their journey to make music unique to today’s musical culture is continuing with a new album due out for release this October 2009. See photos, video and check out an exclusive interview with the guys below!



Back in 2005 when Smith caught the eye of Cisco Adler, lead rocker of Whitestarr, it was almost an opposites attract moment. But when determined and talented Smith convinced Adler to take a chance on him, his actions spoke louder than words. As Adler and Smith started working together, they realized that not only was their chemistry right on point, but the music they made as a duo was eclectic.

With an already successful debut album under their belt, Shwayze has taken their sophomore album titled Let It Beat to the next level. Their self-titled first album included a selection of songs that represented the lazy days of summer with their relaxed attitude portrayed through laid-back melodies, hip-hop rhythms and acoustic guitars. This time around, not only have they experimented with some electro and synthesized beats, but Shwayze and Cisco put together a track listing that has a little bit of something for everyone.

Let It Beat features many guest appearances that are sure to garner some attention. Their first single “Get U Home” was released July 7, 2009 and the song will also be featured in the film Sorority Row.

To hear more from the guys themselves regarding their fabulous new album, the super cool Let It Beat remixes and more, listen to the Shwayze interview in its entirety below.

The official video for Get U Home is due out Friday, August 28, 2009. We’ll update this when the video debuts!

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Shwayze Photos

Shwayze Interview Video
Behind The Scenes of The “Get U Home” Video

Shwayze Get U Home Behind-The-Scenes Video

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