Paulina Chmielecka: Ryan Jenkins’ Girlfriend

August 25, 2009

Meet Paulina Chmielecka, Ryan Jenkins’ girlfriend. Read Chmielecka’s biography and check out video below.

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Paulina Chmielecka Ex Boyfriend

Pauline Chmielecka was Ryan Jenkins’ girlfriend up until just a few months ago. In fact, the couple were engaged to be married until the couple decided to call the engagement off.

Shortly after the breakup, Jenkins was cast as a possible suitor for Megan Hauserman on VH1’s Megan Wants a Millionaire. After allegedly losing the reality show, Jenkins headed to Las Vegas where he met Jasmine Fiore, whom he married just a few days later. Just last weekend, Fiore was found murdered, with her remains found in a dumpster outside of a hotel where Jenkins and Fiore had been staying. After fleeing the country and into his native Canada, Jenkins hid from the cops until just days ago was found dead in a hotel room at the Thunderbird Motel. Jenkins’ death was declared an apparent suicide by hanging after the reality star was found with a belt wrapped around his neck.

So where does Paulina Chmielecka fit into the picture? TMZ had reported earlier this week that a mystery woman had been seen with Ryan Jenkins as he had checked into the hotel room in Canada. Despite the manager of the hotel saying that he was “100 percent sure” the girl who drove him to the motel and paid for the room Thursday is Paulina, Paulina’s publicist is saying not a chance!

Chmielecka’s publicist says, “There’s no way it can be her because on Friday she was doing a fashion show and Saturday she was filming a cooking show.”

Paulina Chmielecka Biography

As a biography, Paulina Chmielecka is an actress, model, and producer who was born in Poland. After moving to Toronto, Canada, the blonde-haired beauty initially started to study international business. Plans changed soon after as she was discovered and signed by Ford Models.

Chmielecka began to travel worldwide for her modeling, which included recognizable clients like Hugo Boss, Samsung, Levi Strauss to name a few. Chmielecka has also appeared on The Price Is Right, Conan O’Brien and served as a body double for Denise Richard’s on the movie Undercover Brother.

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Paulina Chmielecka Ex Boyfriend Photo

Paulina Chmielecka Video

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    Your “artical” about Paulina Chmielecka is a ripoff because you do not have a picture of the former girlfriend/model.