Miss Universe 2009 Winner (Photos,Video)

August 23, 2009

Want to know which lady is the winner of the Miss Universe 2009 competition? We have it here along with photos and video!!

miss universe

Miss Universe Winner
(The 2008 reining Miss Universe)

The Miss Universe 2009 pageant airs in just a few hours, and we cannot wait. We are live streaming video of the show, for those of you that cannot watch, and we will be posting the winner along with photos and video as soon as they become available for your convenience!

Ladies from around the world will compete in the 2009 Miss Universe pageant live from the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas tonight at 9pm on NBC. Also, there will be several star performances, including appearances by Flo Rida, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, and Heidi Montag.

Based on the rumors we have heard about Heidi and her performance, it is a must see, and we are not talking about the quality. TMZ reports that “she’s lip-syncing and can’t remember the lyrics” (to her own song!!!), “looks like a trainwreck,” and “she can’t dance.”

We shall see. We will post that video as soon as it is up as well.

Until the winner of Miss Universe is announced, here is a list of all of the contestants. Pictures and video from last year’s competition, along with a few 2009 hopefuls can also be found below. Photos and video of the winner will be updated as soon as it is available.


Miss Venezuela has won Miss Universe for the second year in a row! Stefania Fernandez was named the winner, while Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimee de la Cruz, was the runner up.

Angola: Nelsa Alves
Lebanon: Martine Andraos
Estonia: Diana Arno
Serbia: Dragana Atlija
Panama: Diana Broce
Hungary: Suzan Budai
Mexico: Karla Carrillo
Sweden: Renate Cerljen
India: Ekta Chowdhry
Romania: Bianca Elena Constantin
Great Britain: Clair Cooper
Croatia: Sarah Cosic
Brazil: Larissa Costa
Guyana: Jenel Cox
Aruba: Dianne Croes
Uruguay: Cinthia D’Ottone
USA: Kristen Dalton
Dominican Republic: Ada Aimee De la Cruz
Ireland: Diana Donnelly
Kosovo: Gona Dragusha
Thailand: Chutima Durongdej
Israel: Julia Dyment
Iceland: Ingibjorg Egilsdottir
Venezuela: Stefania Fernandez
Guatemala: Lourdes Figueroa
Australia: Rachael Finch
Nicaragua: Indiana Sanchez
Poland: Angelika Jakubowska
China: Wang Jingyao
Montenegro: Anja Jovanovic
South Africa: Tatum Keshwar
Slovenia: Mirela Korac
Ghana: Jennifer Victoria Koranteng
Ukraine: Kristina Kots-Gotlib
Singapore: Rachel Kum
Turkey: Senem Kuyucuoglu
Norway: Eli Landa
Argentina: Johanna Lasic
Cayman Islands: Nicosia Lawson
Germany: Martina Lee
Czech Republic: Iveta Lutovska
Bulgaria: Elitsa Lyubenova
Philippines: Bianca Manalo
Guam: Racine Manley
Zambia: Andella Chileshe Matthews
El Salvador: Mayella Mena
Slovak Republic: Denisa Mendrejova
Japan: Emiri Miyasaka
France Chloe: Mortaud
Korea: Rina
Malaysia: Joannabelle Ng
Namibia: Happie Ntelamo
Georgia: Lika Orjonikidze
Paraguay: Mareike Baumgarten Oroa
Nigeria: Sandra Otohwo
Bolivia: Dominique Peltier
Puerto Rico: Mayra Matos Perez
Finland: Essi Poysti
Spain: Estibaliz Pereira Rabade
Colombia: Michelle Rouillard
Russia: Sofia Rudyeva
Peru: Karen Schwarz
Turks & Caicos: Jewel Selver
Belgium: Zeynep Sever
Bahamas: Kiara Sherman
Curacao: Angenie Simon
Indonesia: Zivanna Letisha Siregar
Honduras: Belgica Suarez
New Zealand: Katie Taylor
Switzerland: Whitney Toyloy
Costa Rica: Jessica Umana
Canada: Mariana Valente
Italy: Laura Valenti
Mauritius: Anais Veerapatren
Ecuador: Sandra Vinces
Vietnam: Hoang Yen Vo
Egypt: Elham Wagdi
Netherlands: Avalon-Chanel Weyzig
Tanzania: Illuminata Wize
Albania: Hasna Xhukici
Ethiopia: Melat Yante
Jamaica: Carolyn Yapp
Cyprus: Klelia Yiasemidou
Greece: Viviana Campanile Zagorianakou

Who are you rooting for? Tell us in the comments!

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Miss Universe Photos
Click each picture to enlarge.

Miss Universe 2009 Winner Video

Heidi Montag Performance

Photos: www.wenn.comMarc Stamas/Andres Otero

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19 Responses to “Miss Universe 2009 Winner (Photos,Video)”

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  1. 1
    L Says:

    Not happy with the top 15. Where are the black and Asian beauties?

  2. 2
    yolanda Says:

    i really love your dress and shoes

  3. 3
    Linda P Says:

    I am watching the show (Miss Universe 2009) and am embarrassed at the entertainment you have chosen to perform on stage. Why won’t you and/or your producers of worldwide exposure shows show the best of the USA and not someone who can’t hold up their pants (poor tastes here and the rest of the world). Why not show talent, which we have lots of, and good tastes to promote the best of our country. Donald, I am disappointed in you and what you are choosing to send out to the world.

  4. 4
    a_n_m_s_mom_il Says:

    I was very surprised to see Miss Venezuela beat Miss Dominican Republic out for the title, especially since Miss Dominican Republic had higher swimsuit and evening gown scores. I was also surprised to see Miss Puerto Rico get 4th runner-up; when answering her interview question, she seemed so much more poised than Miss Australia.

  5. 5
    upacachete Says:

    why venezuela won? because that is all we make in our country , models!!!! don’t hate us , love us …..and for all my dominicans , she was better looking, but is not about looks anymore
    STYLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    Ck Says:

    There’s not even one contestant from asia entered top 15. Surprised much?

    It’s because asian women have more integrity not to ‘hit-the-shack’ with the judges. It’s no secret that pageant contest is brutal. And the finalist are the ones who’s willing to do ‘more’ than the others.

    And the western world is still infatuated with artificial beauty. White ‘bleached/veneer crown’ teeth, full(er) ‘injected’ lips, big(ger) ‘implanted’ boobs, chiseled ‘tucked/sucked’ abs, perfect tan from tanning salon, and the list goes on.

    It’s not important if the winner still need translator to speak english, when other contestant from a no speaking english country can speak perfect english. Or she’s barely over the legal age to drink, a freshman on college, with biggest acomplishment was being a captain of a cheerleader squad, have a dream of being a lawyer/doctor/bussiness woman, but yet they havent taste the real world, whereas other contestant IS a doctor/lawyer/bussiness woman, but they’re not as young and perky as the youngsters. All i see is, as long you look smokin’ hot on stage and just got out of puberty, you have a big chance to win a pageant.

    Harsh, but so damn true.

  7. 7
    jefe Says:

    Por favor, ustedes tienen algo q se llama conciencia y saben muy bn q ella no se merecia esa corona. Contesto malisimo y obtuvo muy mala puntuacion en el traje, osea, como diache gano entonces cuando PR y Australia tenian mas puntos acomulados y contestaron mejor? Venezuela tiene un gobierno corupto y son unos tramposos. Asi ven el mundo a venezuela. Con razon estan tan jodios siempre.

  8. 8
    danika Says:

    oh my god….where are the asian beauties…what a worst pageant….well well wellllllllllll

  9. 9
    danika Says:

    very bad…hahahaha por pavor…not happy with top 15………

  10. 10
    JEEEZ Says:

    stop hating
    and PLEASEEEEEE are u serious? asian girls are natural? L O L
    let me tell you something.. there is artificial beauty EVERYWHERE in the world, and its just stupid to deny it. asian girls also make their boobs bigger, do their noses, and even get surgeries to make their eyes look bigger! so PLEASE, stop trying to make yourself look like u are a superior race or whatever.

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