Wow Cataclysm Trailer Video: World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release Date

August 22, 2009

World of Warcraft fans, you may now rejoice! One of the most exciting roll outs of the game is going to blow your mind and keep you entertained for even more hours on end. Significant others of WoW players can be heard around the world screaming at Blizzard out of frustration. Hear them? Read more about the Cataclysm release and see the Wow Cataclysm Trailer video here.

World of Warcraft

While I am not an avid gamer myself, I am however aware of the popularity of World of Warcraft. For years, the World of Warcraft (WoW) game has attracted millions of gamers young and old. Now in a highly anticipated release, Blizzard Entertainment announced the next expansion for the game yesterday (Friday, August 21, 2009) during the opening ceremonies for its annual Blizzcon convention in Anaheim, California.

According to a source, “the Cataclysm expansion is also said to introduce two new playable races, the Worgen (for the Alliance) and the Goblins (for the Horde). The Worgen will have two forms, a Wolf-like one and a human one. This game’s level cap will now be raised to 85, so players are doing a lot of work in order to reach it.”

The trailer introduces the Cataclysm release and the following:

As the terrible war against the Lich King continues, the proud defenders of Azeroth fight to secure a lasting peace. But there can be no peace when the world itself is devoured by rage. [Cue veins of lava forking through volcanic turf.] An ancient evil has risen determined to shake Azeroth to its foundations, and the world will never be the same. As the elements battle for supremacy Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms have been transformed. Ancient lands have been torn asunder, unleashing widespread destruction. But newfound life has also awakened. New conflicts erupt as old enemies vie for control of the world’s diminished resources. At the heart of the ocean, the maelstrom churns endlessly.

Click here to view the official expansion frequently asked questions.

A release date has not yet been set, however, we will update you when we hear anything new!

World of Worldcraft Catalyst Trailer Video

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3 Responses to “Wow Cataclysm Trailer Video: World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release Date”

  1. 1
    Tracy Says:

    So when’s the release date? That’s the title of the article….so when is it???

  2. 2
    Terry Says:

    october 2010

  3. 3
    Josh Says:

    at the bottom of the article it states, “A release date has not yet been set, however, we will update you when we hear anything new!”