Obama Joker Artist Revealed!

August 19, 2009

The Obama Joker artist has been revealed! As it turns out the Obama Joker poster was never meant to make any kind of political statement. Check out the picture and read more here.

Obama joker

When the Obama Joker poster went viral and was posted all over LA, everyone suspected a conservative activist was behind it.

Well, the joke is on them. It turns out that Firas Alkhateeb, who is a 20-year-old college student was just playing around during his winter break with Adobe Photoshop. He was using an online tutorial on how to “Jokerize” pictures. He used a Time Magazine cover from October 23 of last year, and uploaded it to his Flickr account.

The poster never gained much attention, but someone downloaded his picture, removed the references and added “socialism” to the bottom of the picture.

The poster then turned up all over the LA area, and went viral on the internet. The identity of the individual who put the posters up still remains a mystery.

Alkhateeb says Flickr has removed the original image due to copyright concerns, which is a bit over reactive, if you ask me.

What may surprise you is that Alkhateeb is not an advocate for conservatism. He did not vote in last year’s election, and says that if he had, he would have voted for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who is known as one of the most liberal members of Congress.

Alkhateeb also says he doesn’t get the “socialism” caption that was added to the picture.

“It really doesn’t make any sense to me at all,” he said. “To accuse him of being a socialist is really … immature. First of all, who said being a socialist is evil?”

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See a video about the Obama Joker poster below.

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