Esmee Denters YouTube Concert Video

August 18, 2009

Dutch songstress Esmee Denters is a rising star thanks to her talent and YouTube. With a debut album set for release, fittingly the songstress has a special treat for fans, a YouTube concert. Read more and see the Esmee Denters YouTube concert video here.

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Esmee Denters

Today is a fabulous day for Esmee Denters and fans of the Dutch songstress. If you move on over to YouTube, you can view an exclusive music showcase and concert from Ms. Denters. Not only that but the talented Justin Timberlake is hosting the event.

Previously I shared with you the acoustic version of Esmee’s single “Outta Here”, but now you can hear a bunch of new songs from her debut album!

Esmee Denters started out as just an ordinary girl with a dream. With a web cam and her vocal talent, Denters began posting YouTube videos up of herself singing covers of songs anywhere from Mariah Carey to Stevie Wonder. Her videos became popular and soon requests for Esmee to cover various songs became common. After attaining a manager, while thousands of video views kept rolling in daily, what Esmee didn’t know was that Justin Timberlake was among those watching. Her journey continues with an YouTube concert that showcases her vocal talent and previews a few of her new songs from her debut album. Watch the Esmee Denters YouTube concert video.

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Esmee Showcase Video

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2 Responses to “Esmee Denters YouTube Concert Video”

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    osie Says:

    OMG she is stunning maybe she was a bit nervouse but she did a great job im fan

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    mithlesh Says: