Woodstock’s 40th Anniversary

August 13, 2009

Woodstock’s 40th anniversary is just around the corner. Will there be a concert to remember the 40th anniversary? Read more here!


The 40th anniversary of Woodstock is just around the corner, August 15 to be exact. And a plan to honor the legendary musical event was in the works, but it looks as thought it fell through.

Organizers were hoping to throw a free two-day concert, taking place in both New York and Berlin, Germany, TheRockRadio.com reports. Promoter Michael Lang had hoped that the New York concert would take place exactly on the 40th anniversary, and the Berlin concert would happen the next week on August 22 and 23.

It seems as though things fell through, and the event will not happen. It seems as though the funding for the festival fell through. Lane needed $10 million in sponsorship funds.

Lang is credited as a co-creator of the original Woodstock. He appears several times in the documentary about the festival, and also played a role in producing both the Woodstock ‘94 and the Woodstock ‘99 festivals.

What do you think about the concert falling through? Would it have been a disaster, as many classified the ‘99 Festival? What bands would you have liked to see play?

Check out a few videos below, and leave us your thoughts.

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One Response to “Woodstock’s 40th Anniversary”

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    Gail Valinoti Says:

    I was there. Boy was I there. Left work early Friday from Manhattan. Had only clothes I wore. Thought I was going to meet my friends lol. No cell phones back then. Had great time making all new friends. My Dad was security (NYPD) and finally had me paged (in movie) and I met him Sunday afternoon. I think I got ride home with him. Don’t quite remember. There’ll never be another Woodstock.