KSM And Mitchel Musso Tour

August 12, 2009

KSM is a girl group that is ready to rock the industry and the girls are ready to tour with Mitchel Musso. Read more about the KSM and Mitchel Musso tour and the launch of their brand new website here, see photos and video here.



Shelby, Katie, Shae, Sophia and Kate make up the fabulous girl rock band called KSM. They are young. They are fierce. They are on a mission to rock your socks! And just recently the girls have joined forces with Musso to tour, rock and roll!

In celebration of their new venture, KSM and Mitchel Musso have launched a brand spankin’ new website that combines Twitter, Facebook Connect, Google Maps, Flickr and YouTube. Why? So YOU can keep track of what they are up to while on the road. Brilliant, right?!

The website is set to include live videos, chit chat with other fans, and more! Haven’t heard of KSM? Well, you best get your booty over there and check out these fierce chicks!

Check out www.mitchelksm.com for the fabulousness that is KSM!

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KSM and Mitchel Musso Photos

KSM Video

Photos: C.M. Wiggins/www.wenn.com

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