Keyshia Cole New Haircut: Shaved Head!

August 10, 2009

Celebrities know that with a shaved head comes attention. Keyshia Cole is joining the shaved head bandwagon and garnering some attention. Read more about Keyshia Cole’s new haircut and see photos and video here.

keyshia cole

Keyshia Cole

Yes, Keyshia Cole did get a new haircut and the cyber world is a-chatter.

First it was Cassie, then it was Solange, then it was Rihanna and former MTV veejay LaLa. Now Keyshia Cole joins the group of shaved head female celebrities out there. The singer debuted her new ‘do at a photoshoot.

In addition to Keyshia Cole’s shaved head, there are also rumors of a Cole tour. E! news reported that Rihanna hopes to kick off a tour in September, but to join her for the ride may be Ciara and Keyshia Cole! A source says, “Rihanna wants strong women to join her. This is a ‘women empowerment’ type of tour.”

Well, if shaved heads indicate strength, Rihanna will have chosen the right women to join her.
Check out Keyshia Cole’s new haircut here.

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Keyshia Cole Photos

Keyshia Cole Video

Photos: C.M. Wiggins/

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